Don’t worry, I didn’t forget

It’s getting about that time where I usually forget to post on here, but I swear that’s not what happened this time. I’m working on something for someone else and I’ve been editing, so I ran out of time to actually write up a blog post before I left for work. I’m home sick with a cold today, so I went ahead and wrote this up so I don’t forget later.

May will be a very quiet month here. Work is going to be busy with resets that need to be done before inventory, then the actual inventory, itself, and then dealing with the inventory truck. Instead of posting on here, I’m going to be using the time before/after work to create content for when the new site layout goes live. Mostly flash fiction and/or microfiction. I’m still tweaking the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ idea to make it work, so that may or may not make its debut soon. 

If anyone has some favorite prompts, feel free to share them and I’ll see if any of them sparks off an idea. 


Spoilers for Picard: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget

I guess hoping for Jack to become the borg king was too much. Maybe it struck the Picard writers as too similar to Jurati’s Queen status, but I still say it would’ve made a nice twist. It’s fine though. I did like the show, even if I saw a lot of what happened coming a mile away. I’m just annoyed we have too many loose ends that didn’t get tied up.

Whatever happened with Soji and her Romulan ex-boyfriend? What was Jurati guarding against? Since Q is living on borrowed time now (I don’t know why people thought he was dead…did they not watch Season 2 all the way through?), how much longer does he have left? What’s going to happen now, between Laris and Picard, with Beverly and Jack in the picture? What about Seven and Raffi? What’s going to happen there? How well will Jack listen to Geordi telling him to stay away from Sidney? 

So. Many. Questions.

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