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Don’t worry, I didn’t forget

It’s getting about that time where I usually forget to post on here, but I swear that’s not what happened this time. I’m working on something for someone else and I’ve been editing, so I ran out of time to actually write up a blog post before I left for work. I’m home sick with a cold today, so I went ahead and wrote this up so I don’t forget later.

May will be a very quiet month here. Work is going to be busy with resets that need to be done before inventory, then the actual inventory, itself, and then dealing with the inventory truck. Instead of posting on here, I’m going to be using the time before/after work to create content for when the new site layout goes live. Mostly flash fiction and/or microfiction. I’m still tweaking the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ idea to make it work, so that may or may not make its debut soon. 

If anyone has some favorite prompts, feel free to share them and I’ll see if any of them sparks off an idea. 


Spoilers for Picard: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget

I guess hoping for Jack to become the borg king was too much. Maybe it struck the Picard writers as too similar to Jurati’s Queen status, but I still say it would’ve made a nice twist. It’s fine though. I did like the show, even if I saw a lot of what happened coming a mile away. I’m just annoyed we have too many loose ends that didn’t get tied up.

Whatever happened with Soji and her Romulan ex-boyfriend? What was Jurati guarding against? Since Q is living on borrowed time now (I don’t know why people thought he was dead…did they not watch Season 2 all the way through?), how much longer does he have left? What’s going to happen now, between Laris and Picard, with Beverly and Jack in the picture? What about Seven and Raffi? What’s going to happen there? How well will Jack listen to Geordi telling him to stay away from Sidney? 

So. Many. Questions.

No brain. Just Picard.

Exactly what the label says. No brain. Oh wait, heart monitor results came back as “normal,” so now I have an appointment with cardiology. 

Now, unless you want spoilers galore for Picard, keep moving.


**Spoilers**: No brain. Just Picard.

Okay, fine, the borg were involved, and isn’t it fascinating how they worked that in there. Well done, writers. Doesn’t quite explain why the changeling head thing is involved, but I imagine we’ll get there in the next episode. 

My roommate was convinced, going into Episode 9 that Data was going to be the one to save them all, and he might be right, but personally, I’m wondering if we might see the first borg king. Or, the true destruction of the borg. 

Picard tells Beverly that Jack got the best of her and the worst of him, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Picard is the same man who fought back against the Cardassian trying to brainwash him and I have to wonder if we’re going to see Jack’s “There are four lights!” moment with the queen. 

Something my roommate pointed out is bugging me: what’s going on with Jurati’s borgs? We know she asked to stand guard at some sort of doorway at the end of Season 2, and now, she’s just…gone? No mention of them at all in this season and the closest we have to any sort of hint that Picard knows that there has been contact with borg in the last ten years is the look he gives Seven when it’s mentioned.

I wish this wasn’t the last season, there are so many loose ends I would love to see cleaned up, all the way from Season 1. (Also, I miss Elnor.)

Vacation’s over. Back to work 😭

I think I meant to post something, reminding people that I was going to be on vacation this past week and a half, but there’s been so much going on, I completely forgot. I will not be going into detail about everything, because frankly, this was the worst vacation I’ve ever had. Between all the bad news and then a tornado coming through…let’s just say, I’m ready for another vacation already. Won’t get one, though; we have inventory coming up at work. Just know that I am already looking forward to autumn, when I can take the next one. 

Things around here will be a little quiet in the next two months. I haven’t had any news from the doctor about the heart monitor yet, but I’m expecting to hear from them this coming week, and I’ll probably be lined up for all sorts of fun tests. That’s going to take up a good portion of my days off. When I’m working, it’s going to be prepping for inventory, which means my brain is going to be mush at the end of the day.

The only real “good” news I have, is that I am very steadily making my way through the edits for “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies.” I’m not even through the first “chapter” and it’s already changed so much. I can’t wait to get further into it to see what else I can improve. 



Read more: Vacation’s over. Back to work 😭

The new and improved Data is the best and don’t even get me started on “passive-aggressive” Worf. Also, the scenes of Data handing his memories to Lore? *chef’s kiss* I knew what was going on, but it was still beautiful to watch. 

Everyone is tossing around ideas of Jack being somehow connected to the borg, but based off Vadic’s reaction to seeing him in person, the changeling’s head being obsessed with him, and the story Vadic told us of her time in Daystrom…I still think he’s connected to that. If what I’m thinking is right, it would also explain why he can jump inside peoples’ heads. I can absolutely be wrong, though. I can’t wait to see what’s behind that red door. 

It begins.

I will be working on the layout in the next coming days/weeks/months/who knows, and I’ve never worked on it like this. It’s through WordPress, but it’s also a separate website/host(?), so I’m not sure how saving changes on it will affect the blog, and I won’t know until I hit “go live’ on the site. So, if you happen to notice the site looking wonky or like a toddler took over website maintenance…it’s just me. I’ll figure it out as soon as possible and get it back to normal.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

No title because no brain.

So much to do, so little time to do it. I’ve been working on the site on my regular work days, trying to treat this as just another part of the job. I think it’s been working out pretty well. It gives me time to do what I love during the work week and my days off. On that note, however…

I’m almost done with the big revamps. The novels page is taking longer than expected because there’s just so much to it – individual pages for each work, chapter previews, etc. – but I’m expecting to done with it by the end of this work week. After that, it’ll be cleaning up the other pages and working on the layout, itself. I think I’ll probably work on writing while I’m working on the layout. It’ll give me something to focus on when I’m losing my patience with the stupid wordpress builder. Now, all I have to do is finish figuring out the rest of the details on my “super secret” writing project…and figure out how to mention it on Ao3 without them being all “ugh” about it.

See ya later, Shel. (And goodbye, 2022.)

This is going to be a bit of a long post.

TL;DR: “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is finished; Ao3 is a pain in my butt; and I’m going to try to be more active in 2023.

Now for the long version.

  1. “Don’t Feed the Trolls”
     As I said, “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is done. It ends on a cliffhanger, but writing on it now feels like dragging it out. It needs some heavy revision, and I don’t plan for the finished version to look anything like what is currently vomited all over Ao3, so I most likely will not be taking it down from where it’s posted there.

    I would explain all that in the author’s note there, but Ao3 literally won’t let me. They flagged my account for having a link to buy “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies”, and even after I removed the links, they still “hid” the work just for talking about it being in the query stage. Apparently, you’re only allowed to post stories on Ao3 if you have no plans on trying to make it as an actual published author. It’s stupid and very stifling, but whatever. It’s the rules of the site, and I have to abide by them, no matter how stupid I find them, personally, as long as I’m posting there.

    (If you came here from the latest chapter of “Don’t Feed the Trolls”, this is what I meant about not being able to keep you all updated on what’s going on with the books.)

  2. Ao3 is a pain in my butt.
    See above. I mean, I get, kinda, not allowing links to buy the books. I still think it’s stupid, because if I sell books because I have an audience through Ao3, doesn’t it make sense that I would want to fund Ao3, and donate money to keep it going? After all, their success helps fuel my success, but that’s fine.

    Instead, I get to direct you all here, where I can give you proper updates, since Ao3 won’t let me do that, either (:

  3. 2023.
    I have basically been…not even half-assing, maybe a quarter-assing? this whole “I’m a writer” thing for the past several years. 2023 needs to be a year of change for that. I’m going to be spending time writing and/or working on getting this site actually functional, instead of just something that sits there and looks somewhat pretty. A lot of what that looks like, for now, is cleaning. Getting rid of old pages and posts that serve little to no purpose, reminding myself of what little HTML and coding I remember, and learning how the WordPress site editor works. It’s been a mess so far and it’s past time I buckled down and figured it out.

Personally, I’m quite excited about the changes I have planned. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I kept flaking. Now, I know why I flaked so much, and I’m learning how to work around it. It’s still a bit of trial and error, but that’s better than just errors.

So, here’s to 2023, and maybe finally getting my act together – at least somewhat.

NaNoWriMo 2022.

Don’t hate me. I know I haven’t been posting. Not even going to try and explain it, because honestly, I don’t remember the last time I posted. It’s just hard to keep this updated when there is literally nothing going on in my life, and everyone already knows what’s going on in the news. I’m not about to get on here and tell you what you already know.

I’m mostly hopping on here to let you know that I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I’m hoping to use it to get back into the habit of writing – and possibly posting on here. At least now I have something to post about, which should make it easier (I’m hoping).

Plus, hey, procrastination is a thing, and I’m pretty good at it – if I do say so, myself. I have a new layout I’ve been meaning to upload, I need to redo my bio, and a bunch of other admin work. Maybe while I’m putting off writing for NaNo, I’ll get stuff done here, instead 😤

If anyone else is participating in NaNo this year, feel free to buddy up with me. A good boot to the rear is always helpful.

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