Tiffany Crystal was born between two worlds. The child of a Louisianan southern “belle” and a “yankee” from Maryland, she spent her childhood moving between a small town in Arkansas and Baltimore, Maryland. A world devourer – even as young as nine years old, she was consuming 200-300 page long books in a day (maybe two – depending on school) – and a world creator (one can only devour so many worlds before they come back out, anew).

All things considered, it should be no surprise that as an adult, she often writes between two worlds – blending science fiction with fantasy – and vice versa. It should also be of no surprise that the “normal” 9-5 work day is not for her. During the day, she works as part of management in the retail world. At night, she devours new worlds while she sits at her loom, creating her own. It is her hope to feed other world devourers, so that the cycle may continue.

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