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[Deleted Scene] Etlan

Thank you, Facebook memories for this gem.

A deleted scene from Etlan – Book 1: Storm Warning.

A stuffed animal hit the back of her head. “What the-?” She turned and stared incredulously at Kerry. “You’re supposed to be helping me figure this crap out, not using me for target practice! What the hell kind of friend are you?” She ducked as a purple rabbit flew by.

“The kind that isn’t gonna sit here and listen to you whine.” Kerry held up a green teddy bear. “And has a fully stocked arsenal of plush projectiles.” She grinned. “So…go grab a notebook and start writing, or does Good Luck Bear need to get up close and personal with your face?”

[ETLAN: Book 1 – Storm Warning] Update and Prologue

The update is mainly that the individual books are finally getting names – which is frankly ridiculous, since the sequel/spin-off book series already has names for all the books involved. I even have names for potential ‘When Love Dies’ sequels. My brain is weird, that’s all I can think.

In the meantime, here is the prologue for Etlan – Book 1: Storm Warning.

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Day 27 & 28: Some work, and homework.

Had to focus on homework instead of writing today, but yesterday I did get some work done:

“Now mama, you know there’s no such thing as rest for the wicked.” Kerry chided. She slid closer to her mother, resting her head on Emma’s shoulder.

“And they don’t get much more wicked than you, do they, shilé?” Emma’s arms came up to wrap around Kerry.


Sharing Saturday: Holy crap, Batman!

A very special Sharing Saturday! I’ve always been lucky with my friends, but I hit one of the jackpots here. Dave decided to draw one of my characters for me. It’s not finished, but he gave me permission to share the preliminary sketch with you all, so…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Kerry:

I got a little too excited and did a little coloring with Paintshop:

(The gold is her glau shining around the colored contacts she wears.)

Nowhere near as amazing as it’s going to be when Dave is finished with it, but it was fun and I am excited to see where it goes from here.

On a side note, if you guys need some artwork done, go check him out! He’s still new to wordpress (I bullied him into getting a blog just last night), but he’s good!

Sharing Saturday

I don’t remember if I posted for last week, so you’re getting a slightly longer snippet this time. 

            “Remember how energy never dies? Well, all living creatures give off energy, and there’s always death. Every second, someone or something dies, and when it dies, the energy has to go somewhere.

            “What does that have to do with the planet being able to feel?”

             “Ashes to ash, dust to dust.” Kerry said quietly. “We were born from the Earth; it only makes sense that we return to it, does it not?”

             “I guess so, but that still doesn’t explain why the planet feels stuff.”

            Kerry pulled her legs up so she could rest her chin on her knees. “It’s an old, old rock.” She reminded Heather. “The best guess so far puts the age at almost five billion years old. It didn’t take nearly that long for the creatures on the planet to learn to actually think, you know.” 

Day 18: in the negatives now…

Does it count as progress if you delete half the chapter? Close to a thousand words, and all gone. Well, postponed, really. I’ll probably end up adding it in somewhere else.

Not sure of word count, since I deleted most of it, but pretty happy with the work done today.

“Fear.” Farida closed her eyes and shuddered. “Pain. Red hair. Pain. Dark. Fear. Pain. White skin, red blood, and pain.” She opened her eyes again. “Great Mother save us, Aunt Seri, what have you done?”

Day 17: erg.

931 words today, so far. Sharing a bit that I really liked but will most likely be cut:

“I’ve never seen power like those two, my lady.” Farida rewound the image to show the man and woman again. “Your mother calls herself the ty’vanilé, but these two…I don’t know. The way the trees sang to the man. It was like he was the sun, earth and water all rolled into one, and they were starving.” She winced. “I sound like a bad poet, I know, but that is what it felt like. The woman on the other hand, terrifies me.” She rewound the image again, this time playing the scene where the earth opened up beneath the men in slow motion. “I thought the man had done it at first, but when Chalena and I went back to investigate, the ground was hot. She buried them alive, and then she baked them.”

Day 9: mostly research

Sorry, most of my work today involved research. There was a lot of writing involved, but it wasn’t story related. Not in a way that I can share, anyway. But progress is progress.

Valdis felt her face heat. “I had never had a carbonated beverage before,” She protested. “How was I to know it would have such an effect?” Her eyes flashed gold as she sent her fumé outward. 

Day 7: Still going…

Had to work today, so didn’t get as much finished as I would’ve liked, but ah well. I’m still writing, so I’m not including a word count yet.

Writing proof:

“H’re! Mmhp. Here! Hurry hurry, oh my God, this is good.” Her friend stuck her head out of the side door, black hair gleaming in the overhead light. “Why didn’t you tell me we were having pizza?” She disappeared again.

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