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New place, who dis?

So, it’s been a hot minute, huh? Sorry about that. I meant to post regularly about the moving sitch, but…well, moving turns out to be quite a chaotic event. It’s been so long since I did it, I think I’d forgotten. I have been duly reminded, that’s for damn sure.

The past two weeks have been busy AF. Between moving, getting to the new workplace, getting used to the new workplace and co-workers, finally getting my promotion (!!!)…yeah, it’s been a ride. I’ve even already had my first taste of drama in the new place (wtf, neighbor?). It’s okay though, cause now I’m unpacked enough to feel up to writing and I’m starting to get a feel for Shelly again. I lost her for a while, which is part of why I just couldn’t write, even when I did find a second to sit down in front of the laptop. I’ve been itching to get back to her story ASAP.

I’m not setting any date for when the next chapter will be out – I don’t want to make myself a liar (again) – but I am working on setting aside time devoted solely to writing. I couldn’t do that before, so I’m excited to give it a try now. I’m especially hopeful, given that my new roommate also writes and understands the frustration of distractions getting in the way of words.

On that note, I’m writing this instead of working on chapter 17. I should probably get to that…