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[A Story & A Song] Starlight

Song and a story

I see it coming. Even moving at the speed of light, it’s slow enough for me to slip out of the way. The gas had collapsed on itself, then burst outward. Waves of stardust arching out into the void around it. Around me.

I’m tempted to trail my fingers through it as it passes by, let the particles stream between my fingers before they make their way across the universe. A millennium ago, I might’ve, but I know better now. I know to look ahead in time, and watch all the different paths my interference could set these particles on. The last thing I want to do is to cause the death of an entire solar system. Again.

Besides, I’ve waited too long for this. I spent half of eternity going from one end of the universe to the other, searching for a way to bring you back to me. It took me another three millennia before I thought to look into the patterns of the dust around me, and the atoms that made them up. The way they changed in time, but eventually I found it.

At the very edge of the universe – past what any electric eye on Earth could see – the dying star that would give birth to another – smaller – star, and the death of its child and so on and so on, until eventually it spews forth one final burst of energy before collapsing into itself.

That energy will travel through the cosmos until it collides with another star’s dying breath. The collision setting a chain of events that will give rise to your soul again. It will take a long time, this star is only on its second death and it still has at least three more to go, but it will happen.

In the meantime, I float here, untethered and unafraid, bathed in the light of a thousand galaxies as I wait for you.

From the album Vessels.

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Heart Song

I think it’s funny that we fit so well together.

We’re worlds apart, but when you put your arms around me, my head fits just perfect underneath your chin, and the space between you and I fades like it had never been there at all.

Then at night, you curl yourself around me, my security blanket against the world. I sleep deeply and my dreams are never less than peaceful when I feel you strong against my back. I love those nights, don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes…it’s your head under my chin as you listen to my heartbeat and I feel you trembling against my skin.

I never know what to say on those nights; so I just stroke your hair and brush kisses and whispered “I love you”‘s across your eyelids and face until you finally fall into your restless dreams.

And it is on those nights, while I wait for sleep to claim me too, that I wonder if you only hear a normal heartbeat, the same that a doctor might, or do you hear the song my heart sings only for you?


She wondered.

His body was warm and firm behind her back, the arm slung over her waist held her just close enough to keep her with him, but loose enough that she could leave if she wanted.

But that would ever happen. she loved him, adored him, needed him too much to ever go.

She was thinking of the late nights, the missed calls, the cold spot against her back when ‘I’m sorry baby, I know we had reservations, but what can I do? It’s a really important case.’ happened again.

She entwined one hand with his. Saw the shining band of gold on her finger and his and wondered when their vows came to mean so little to him.

She splayed her other hand against her still flat tummy and wondered if the new life she carried would bring him back home…or drive him further away.

She watched the night turn to dawn and wondered what he saw in her. Was it the same thing that had drawn them together? But no, it couldn’t be. ‘It was love at first sight.’ he told her. Surely one didn’t fall in love like that more than once in a lifetime.

She wanted to ask him.
She never would.
It didn’t really matter, after all.
The child probably wasn’t his anyway.