I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again – every time I start getting on track, something goes wrong. In this case, my laptop is making sounds like something is dying. I thought it was just something caught in the fan, but I vacuumed it, took the casing apart, checked around for anything loose, put it back together…and it’s still making the dying sound. Relatively certain it’s still just the fan, but I have a date with GeekSquad, to be sure. The appointment isn’t until Thursday though, so let’s just hope it lasts until then. 

In other news, the site is coming along nicely. I’m expecting it to be up and running far sooner than I had originally intended. I’m very excited to get back to writing. 

Re: Picard
Yeah, I’m still not buying it. It’s just too convenient. Also, does anyone else love that the lady playing the villain is the same one who played Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction? My roommate pointed it out to me because I am terrible with faces and now I want to rewatch the movie…

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