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[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Pemberley Gardens

This candle is part of the limited time Spring collection!

Time for the candle I had the most concerns with: Pemberley Gardens.

When I opened the tin, it was like I got punched in the face with a rose. Not the most terrible thing to be hit with, but I was hoping for more of the lavender scent to make an appearance. So far, it’s the spring candle with the most scent throw.

Now, I have to say – for having such a strong initial throw, I expected this candle to be overpowering. It’s not though. I burned the candle for a couple hours, and while there’s a definite rose scent to the room right now, it’s not like someone is trying to shove an entire rose bush up your nose. It comes across as the scent you would get if you were walking through an actual rose garden. Sometimes the smell is stronger, and I can just perfectly imagine walking through a rose garden with puffs of wind carrying more of the scent as I go.

As someone who isn’t generally fond of roses, I have to give this candle its due: it’s good. The tin pictured is actually the 4oz, because as soon as the 2oz tin was gone, I turned around and immediately ordered the larger one. I figure this should last me until next year.

Still, I do wish the other scents were actually noticeable

Breakdown:Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Rose, Lavender, HyacinthRose garden.
Scent Strength Medium/StrongMedium/Strong.

Note: This particular candle is seasonal and only currently available from
March 16 – May 31 .

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[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Lallybroch

This candle is part of the “Bring it Back” collection

Well, it’s official. I’ve found my least favorite candle so far. Lallybroch. It’s supposed to call to mind the Scottish Highlands, and be “heavy on the Scotch whiskey.” All I’m going to say is holy haddock, Batman, they aren’t kidding.

The description says it’s supposed to smell like whiskey, peat moss, and firewood. All I smell is medicine. I mean, as soon as I opened the tin, I had to take a step back for some fresh air. It’s strong.

To be fair though, whenever I smell whiskey, I automatically associate it with the Hot Toddy my aunt made me when I was like, six or seven, to try and stop me from coughing up a lung. It was absolutely disgusting, didn’t help any, and I won’t touch the stuff now. Just like I won’t be burning that candle any further, either.

I definitely suggest you all to remember the whole “personal taste” thing and give any/all of these candles a try. Just because I don’t like one doesn’t mean you won’t.


Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Whiskey, peat moss, firewood. Medicine
Scent Strength StrongVery strong

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[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Snow Maiden

Sorry for all the candle posts lately, but it’s almost time for the Spring Seasonal candles to come out, and I want to get all the wintery candles done before then.

This candle is not seasonal but does appear to be limited time only.

The candle for this week is Snow Maiden. According to the makers, this candle should smell like winter birch, frost, and cranberries. All I can tell you is that it smells a lot like the standard “Christmas” type air freshener. It definitely has an evergreen smell, but it’s almost overpowered by something else, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. Whatever it is, it’s so sharp it almost stings. Definitely not a candle I would buy any other time besides Christmas, but if you know someone who prefers real Christmas trees, and is stuck with fake ones most of the time, this is the candle to get them.


Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Winter Birch, Frost, Cranberry Christmas trees and pine needles.
Scent Strength StrongVery strong

Currently available in:

2oz cans4oz Cans8oz glass jartarts (wax melts)

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