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Day 20 & 21: lots of planning~

Sorry, was busy yesterday and today, so didn’t get much done, writing wise, but have been brainstorming a lot, and have two new story ideas to work with. Will keep you guys posted on those. One of them will most likely be co-authored, so that should be fun.

No promises on anything being posted tomorrow. It’s back to school for the kiddos and myself.

Day 19: late, but not entirely my fault

The wordpress app wasn’t loading on my computer last night, so I didn’t get around to posting my progress. So yes, it’s a little late, which means you guys will be getting three posts today. Aren’t you just so excited? 

600+ words (was hoping for more, but at least progress was made.)

“I called you over because there is a message to send, Luhandirya Tanith Rhaido.” Emma broke in as Tanith tried elbowing Taite back into place. “But if you insist on acting like a child, you can always stay behind. I’m sure the twins would love for you to join them in their lessons.”

Day 18: in the negatives now…

Does it count as progress if you delete half the chapter? Close to a thousand words, and all gone. Well, postponed, really. I’ll probably end up adding it in somewhere else.

Not sure of word count, since I deleted most of it, but pretty happy with the work done today.

“Fear.” Farida closed her eyes and shuddered. “Pain. Red hair. Pain. Dark. Fear. Pain. White skin, red blood, and pain.” She opened her eyes again. “Great Mother save us, Aunt Seri, what have you done?”

Day 17: erg.

931 words today, so far. Sharing a bit that I really liked but will most likely be cut:

“I’ve never seen power like those two, my lady.” Farida rewound the image to show the man and woman again. “Your mother calls herself the ty’vanilé, but these two…I don’t know. The way the trees sang to the man. It was like he was the sun, earth and water all rolled into one, and they were starving.” She winced. “I sound like a bad poet, I know, but that is what it felt like. The woman on the other hand, terrifies me.” She rewound the image again, this time playing the scene where the earth opened up beneath the men in slow motion. “I thought the man had done it at first, but when Chalena and I went back to investigate, the ground was hot. She buried them alive, and then she baked them.”

Day 13: *facepalms some more*

Another day spent more on brainstorming on someone elses’ idea. In my defense: worked both jobs today. Was not an easy day. Did get some work on my WIP done, but I have a feeling I’m gonna end up deleting it all.

“Not a bad idea.” Farida grabbed a turquoise halter top with long sleeves, and a matching long skirt. “How about this?”

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