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#MusicMonday – Week 26

This is going to be my soapbox song, because so many people don’t seem to realize that LGBT+ people have the same relationship issues as non-LGBT+. They argue over who will cook, who will clean, whose job it is to walk the dog this time. They live, they laugh, they love, and sometimes…sometimes they cheat.

Love is love, but love is also messy sometimes.

Week 26

#MusicMonday – Week 25

I finally sat down and listened to this song and watched the video. At one point, she writes “I think you’re super cute” in a note for the person bussing the tables, but really? The entire video is super cute. It captures that feeling of peeking around corners at the person you think is good looking, the shy smiles and ducked head, and just…everything about it. Oh, and the end? With the hands? MY HEART.

Week 25

#MusicMonday – Week 8

I’m not usually a fan of country music, but this song has sentimental value. Also, it’s an interesting take. Most of us think of a story as something that happens, but sometimes…it’s what might’ve happened, that is the real story. Here, Doug Stone sings the story of a man and all the ways his life might’ve gone, if he hadn’t been “Too Busy, Being in Love.”

#MusicMonday – Week 7

I decided to go with something fun this week.

My love for stories set to music stems from the album, “…from the ‘Hungry i’ ” by The Kingston Trio. I cannot tell you how many times I listened to that record, but I can tell you we had to replace needle at least once. This particular song…yeah, I’m not going to spoil the story. Listen and laugh.

At least it’s on brand…

#MusicMonday – Week 6

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Frank Ocean. His voice isn’t my cup of tea, but when I started hunting for love songs, I was pointed in his direction. I picked this particular song because, not only does it drop hints at an interesting story, it also references a movie I’m pretty sure we can all agree is iconic: Forrest Gump. I just wish there was a music video to go with it…

There seems to be an argument over whether this song is telling the story from Jenny’s POV, or if it’s Frank using the imagery to talk about the man he was in love with as a youth. Personally, I have to wonder if it’s a mix between the two. Take a listen/read and tell me what you think?