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Secret Project!

Navigation links are where they’re supposed to be, the pages have all been updated, the only thing left to do is get the layout sorted out – which I’m sure is going to be a headache and a half – which means…

Secret Project!

When I was a kid, I used to get into my parents’ book collection, and one of the more interesting items in their personal library was the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. I don’t think they make those anymore – I haven’t seen any, anyway, and these days, having it in an actual book format seems so limited. We have the internet, peoples, and it is vast. Why not make a full-on web-serial where the reader chooses what happens next?

And this was born.

Now, I am still working out the details. I have a few ideas of where to start; my first thought was to start it in my Zombie world, but I’m not opposed to starting a new world, either. No matter what option I go with, I need to work out a way to keep the storyline straight so I don’t end up with conflicting plot points, depending on what selection a person makes further down the line. It is a massive undertaking, and I want to do it right. 

I probably won’t be giving you much, in terms of updates, on this project until the beginning of April, at the earliest. We have way too much going on at work and – being completely honest here, there’s a huge update to The Sims 4 coming out mid-March and I’m already planning on taking vacation time just so I can binge-play it (I would say not to judge me, but I don’t even care. The update has been a long time coming, so judge me all you like). There is also the layout work that is probably going to destroy what little bit is left of my soul. And editing. Oh, the editing. That’s going to be fun *sarcasm*. 

So there you have it. Big project in the works and lots of little projects to keep it company. I’ll keep you all updated the best I can. 

If you all have any suggestions on what you’d see for a ‘choose your own adventure’ option, drop it below, send it on twitter, or, heck, click on the ‘contact me’ link. No promises that your idea will make it to the selection, but I’m very much open to suggestions 🙂