Book 1: Storm Warning

We are the children of Heaven. We walk the Earth.
We are descended from the very souls of the Gods. We walk amongst the humans.
We are kings and queens. We consort with the poor and the hungry.
We walk beside you. We walk apart.
You know us. You don’t know who we are.
You love us. You would fear us if you knew what we can do.

We are your neighbors, your teachers, the stranger sitting across from you.
We are your wives, your husbands, your sons and daughters.
We sleep next to you, we eat at the same table, we are always there.
We know your thoughts before you have them.
You pray to our Father, we are the ones who answer.
You wish for a guardian angel. We are the answer.

We are your protectors, and the reason for your existence.
We can walk on water and ride the winds.
We can walk through mountains, and the fires of hell.
We don’t.
We won’t, because you are our wives, our husbands, our children, our lovers, our friends.
We stand beside you, so you do not have to stand alone.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


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