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[NEW] When Love Dies

Various Gods and Goddesses have walked the Earth since the beginning of time, helping to shape the future of mankind under the direction of the First God. Then the First is called away to settle a problem on the other side of the universe. When They return in their latest incarnation – a woman going by the name of Tamara – she finds that things on Earth have changed – and not for the better.

Now Trust is dying, Love is growing weaker every day, and it’s up to Tamara to find out why before it’s too late.

On top of that, a couple new Gods have popped up. While this isn’t usually a problem, these two threaten Tamara’s authority with their growing strength, and one of them doesn’t share Tamara’s “live and let live” philosophy.

The other…well, let’s just say, that one presents a different problem.

[News] Kinda?

I forgot to mention this in the last post about “When Love Dies“: the first post should be up on January 7th. Barring any complications, the following segments will be posted the Saturday of each week until completion.

If – for some reason – I am unable to update with a new segment, I will try to at least give you a snippet of something. It might be from my other WIP, a poem, or just something I whip up real quick.

Fingers crossed you guys like Tamara as much as I’m beginning to.

[NEWS] Weekly story update.

Sharing Saturday is going on hiatus, but that’s actually somewhat good news, because in its place, I will be posting part of a new story. Those of you who follow Ilona Andrews and know about their Innkeeper series: this will be just like that.

For those of you not familiar with the idea, this is how it works:

Each week, I will post part of a chapter. You guys are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, point out mistakes here and there, etc.. You are especially welcome to share feedback in general.When the story is complete, I will take it down, do some editing (taking your feedback into account) and publish it.

I will be posting the premise here in about an hour. Hope you guys enjoy the idea as much as I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

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