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[Parody] Come be with me…

Found this and decided it would be fun to share. Enjoy 😉

A parody of the poem “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” by Christopher Marlowe.

come be with me
and be my maid,
I can pay you well,
’cause I’ve got it made.

You’ll have great benefits,
and a dental plan,
you won’t regret
working for this man.

I’ll buy you dresses
and brand new shoes,
all in lovely
shades of blue.

The finest wines,
and expensive cigars
diamonds, pearls
and fast sports cars

You’ll like working
under me
Bill Clinton
Head of the Country.

©Tiffany Crystal 1999


prickling stings my eyes, and I’m not quite sure what to say,
you were always there beside me, now I must turn away.
it’s not what I want to do, I can barely see in front of me,
but I know the best thing for you, is for me to set you free.
So I will bear this burden, alone as I have never been before,
and I will hide the pain it causes, the tears that would fall to the floor,
I will refrain from reaching out to catch you, when you stumble towards the light,
I will stop myself from holding you, when your tears keep you awake at night,
I will turn away when you think you need me most; and be there when you need someone to blame,
when you fling the words ‘I hate you!’, I’ll shield you from my pain,
and you when you finally realize what I’ve done for you, I’ll hope you understand.
That when you’re ready, and willing to forgive, I’ll pray I’m still worthy to take your hand.

Electric Skies

Electric skies over head,
charged with conflicting notions,
charged with conflicting emotions.

Stormy seas all around,
no safe sailing tonight,
no safe port in sight.

Hopeful eyes looking up,
humble heart put forth,
hands stretched out in supplication

Begging for what is not known,
only felt,
by a humble heart..
under fire
from electric skies.

Invisible Hands

The edges of the leaves,
and the purple mountains afar,
I see them;
admire them,
while wishing on a star.

I watch the wind draw patterns in the sands,
watch the way You shape things,
with Your invisible hands.
I watch You make what artists call “masterpieces”
and know that You’re just doodling;
doodling with invisible hands.

I watch people with their families,
I see the blue in a baby’s eye,
and the golden sun in her hair..
and know that Your invisible hands were there.

I watch my mother,
hair greyed with age,
still playing and laughing
still paying You homage,
still changing with every move
of Your invisible hands.

Now, watching all this
knowing all this;
I pray only this:
Protect me, Oh Father above,
Hold me tight
Hold me with love,
Hold me forever;
in Your invisible hands.

The World and You

Looking into the mirror,
I try to see myself,
but it’s so unclear,
behind the words view,
and yours
where am I?

Trying to search myself,
to see what others see,
but the truth,
I fear…
maybe worse than I can bear,
fear becomes…
stronger than I

Hiding behind pain,
blood red stripes upon my skin.
Red over white,
where others had once been..
I do it to forget the fear,
but all they do is show,
the deeper scars within.

Scars brought on by you,
my friends try to cover,
Fears brought on by the world,
and flaws left to discover.
But all through this,
all I can do is wonder
who are you?

Who are you to judge me,
to tell me how to look?
Who are you to make me,
your twisted idea of perfect?
WHO are you?
Who am I?

You’ve made me forget,
who I am,
what I do,
What I love,

lying eyes

woke up late again,
you didn’t say a word.

burnt the dinner, and myself,
you just sighed and ordered out.

forgot to pay the light bill again,
you lit a candle and said ‘it’s better this way.’

kissed you with my eyes wide open,
you forgot I can see right through you.

You smile at my every mistake,
and condemn me with the lie in your eyes.


Freak Like Me

too short,
too young,
too smart,
too new

always a freak,
on the outside,
looking in…
wondering who they’re talking about…

too shy,
too loud,
too me,
too you,

always a freak,
on the outside,
looking in…
denying what I know inside…

too real,
too nice,
too good,
too everything..

always a freak,
on the outside,
looking in,
wondering why they can’t see..

too angry,
too hurt,
too sad,
too me…

who’s really the freak,
on the inside,
looking out,
wishing they had the guts?

too stubborn,
too proud,
too smart
too you…

who’s really the freak,
on the inside,
looking out,
wishing they could be me?

too bad,
so sad,
I’m everything,
you want to be…

and everything you fear.

too bad,
so sad,
You’re everything,
I would never want to be…

and nothing I could ever want.

so I ask again…

who’s really the freak,
on the inside,
looking out,
wishing they could be,
the person they really are…

wishing they could be…
a freak like me.