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#DarkLightChallenge – Rollercoaster

Then they hit the twist in the track, and he was screaming with the rest of the group, heart wild in his chest until the cars slowed down again.

Becky looked at him, eyes bright, cheeks flushed. “Told you it was fun!”

And okay, fine. Maybe it was good to be wrong sometimes…

#DarkLightChallenge – Prayer

She dug the knife in a little deeper. His screams echoed, filling the room with a prayer for mercy.

She smiled and gave the hilt a sharp twist. “Sorry, Kal. Looks like God has more important things to worry about.” She leaned in closer to whisper in his ear. “So much for being the favorite son, huh?”

#PhotoStoryPrompt – The Seeker.

After the near deafening roar of the mack truck, the silence of the dusty desert road was a blessing. A ramshackle old house stood against a backdrop of the mountains in the distance. Somewhere between the house and the mountains, a dust storm had brewed.

I pulled the hood of my jacket up, and tied the bandana over my mouth and nose a little tighter. If what the lady at the bar told me is true, the answers I seek are in that little old house, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of dust and wind get in my way of uncovering the truth.

#PhotoStoryPrompt – Tunnel Vision Pt. 2

This is a follow up to Tunnel Vision.


“Maybe we were too late?” Sarika threw her makeshift staff into the woods. “It did take us a while to find this place.”

“The man said she would leave a sign if she arrived before us and had to leave.” Ash gestured at the walls around them. “There’s nothing here.” She shook her head. “Something’s happened to her, I know it.”


Ash closed her eyes, and turned her focus inward, searching. “I don’t know,” she said, finally. “I can’t tell if it’s that, or just basic instinct. But there is something off around here.” She opened her eyes again, walking to the mouth of the tunnel. A cool puff of wind twined around her neck, ruffling the choppy edges of her hair at the back of her neck. She lifted her hand, trailing her fingers through the current of air as it passed by, and frowning when she felt the way it suddenly shifted. Instead of continuing on its path, it turned back, curling around her like a child in need of comfort. “What-?” Behind her, she heard Sarika’s footsteps as she moved closer. Pushing the sound away, Ash concentrated on the quicksilver flashes of emotion the wind buffeted her with. Anger, distress, fear…so much fear. And underneath it all, sorrow. She bowed her head.

Choti bahana?

Ash looked over her shoulder at Sarika. “We only checked the forest for the living.”

Sarika stared back at her for a moment, face blank. Then she lunged.

Ash didn’t fight as she felt her sister’s fingers dig into her shoulder. The familiar sensation of being pulled through a tunnel of air surrounded her, and then she was stumbling, tripping after Sarika out of an alley and down the stairs of a nearby subway station. As she caught up, she heard her sister muttering under her breath, curses in English spattered throughout their native Hindi.

Bright purple petunias poked up between the cracks in the sidewalk as they passed.


#DarkLightChallenge – Baby Bear

Sam grumbled & chuffed as his mother pulled him closer. He knew it was time for hibernation, but he wanted to see the world turn white like the rabbits had told him about. He burrowed into his mother’s side, letting her warmth soothe him. He would just have to try again next year.

#DarkLightChallenge – Mi cuerpo es su cuerpo…

He only hoped the person he had stolen the body of didn’t mind being stuck in his old shell. Not like it mattered, really. The body had been dying when he left it. Besides, if the person had a problem with what happened, they could take it up with the big guy upstairs. Or down.

#DarkLightChallenge – People Person

So whenever she was having a bad day, she packed up her laptop and sunglasses and headed for the nearest playground. The laughter of the children, and the smiles of the parents as they chatted with each other always helped to make her day seem just a little bit brighter.

#DarkLightChallenge – Starset

The ship lurched, falling out of the bend in space the ship had created. His smile faltered. Before him was nothing but darkness. He was staring into the abyss – and the abyss hungered.

#DarkLightChallenge – School of NoMore

The children ran out of the school doors in droves, only to stop in confusion. The sky was dark. The sun was missing, the stars weren’t shining, and the moon…was the moon melting?

#DarkLightChallenge – Dads


“I said no, Jim.”

Mike’s hand came to rest on Ben’s shoulder. Ben looked back at him. A long moment later, his shoulders slumped. “Fine. But this is your last chance, Jim. I’m serious.” He glared back at his husband. “And you stop taking his side. Seriously, what the hell?”

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