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Link fixed and Uh-oh…

Apparently the link to my short Tarot story was broken, but it’s fixed now (yay!). 

On the downside, I think my tablet is dying (boo!).

 At first, I thought it was just the keyboard, it would skip letters and/or entire words. Now though, the whole damn thing is starting to freeze up on me. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised; it is a couple years old now, but dammit. I have student loans to pay off. I don’t have money to throw at a new tablet! Guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet, but ugh. Not a happy camper. 

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that muses are all teenagers?

I swear, this happens every time:

Me: “You need to do this.”
Story: “Maybe later.”
Me: “No…now.”
Story:”But I don’t feel like it right now.”
Me: “I didn’t ask if you felt like it. I said do it.”

Cue epic hissy fit ending with me having yet another chapter only half finished.

On another note: I’ve added a link to my work in progress, Etlan. Click on the title right after “About”, and then scroll down. Was TRYING to add the link to the menu, but I’m still learning my way around here. Patience please? ^_^;

(figured it out…*cough* obviously :X)