Coming up with a blog is relatively easy. You pick a theme, you pick a site, and you just…go for it. You start off posting every other day, “Oh, I have so many ideas!” – and you do, for the first little while. Eventually though, you start running out of steam. The blog falls to the wayside. You want to update it, but you can’t think of anything new to post.

You’re not alone.

You are no where near alone. We’ve all been there. I’ve talked about the #WriteFightGifClub before (They have a website now!), and there’s a couple of us lurking there who came up with the idea of someone posting an idea to write about each week. There was a (very) small poll done, and the title for this little “project” was decided: The #BatFiles.

So. If you’re like the rest of us, and are struggling to come up with something new to blog about, feel free to go through the #BatFiles collection on twitter for ideas. It’s updated every Saturday with a new idea/prompt. Leave a comment there (or here) with a link to your blog post, and it might just get a re-blog.

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