Who I am

Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany, and I am a writer. I am also a nanny, a cashier at 711, and a full-time student at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). It sounds like a lot of work, I know, but honestly, it’s mostly listening to people complain about things I have no control over (“The gas prices are too high!” “Bedtime already? Why does time have to go so fast?”) or looking at a person/thing and wondering “How the heck did that end up there?!”

When I am not working or studying, I am writing or finding something new to learn (current project: the Korean language. Wish me luck). Mostly I write, though. It’s a family thing. My father was a writer, and my mother and sister both have works available on Amazon.com, while I have only recently begun to buckle down and get my story down on paper. I also review the online journal “Syntax and Salt” for SFFReviews.com and host the “BatFiles for your blog” on Twitter.



Southern New Hampshire University


Summer 2016 – Now.

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