No brain. Just Picard.

Exactly what the label says. No brain. Oh wait, heart monitor results came back as “normal,” so now I have an appointment with cardiology. 

Now, unless you want spoilers galore for Picard, keep moving.


**Spoilers**: No brain. Just Picard.

Okay, fine, the borg were involved, and isn’t it fascinating how they worked that in there. Well done, writers. Doesn’t quite explain why the changeling head thing is involved, but I imagine we’ll get there in the next episode. 

My roommate was convinced, going into Episode 9 that Data was going to be the one to save them all, and he might be right, but personally, I’m wondering if we might see the first borg king. Or, the true destruction of the borg. 

Picard tells Beverly that Jack got the best of her and the worst of him, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Picard is the same man who fought back against the Cardassian trying to brainwash him and I have to wonder if we’re going to see Jack’s “There are four lights!” moment with the queen. 

Something my roommate pointed out is bugging me: what’s going on with Jurati’s borgs? We know she asked to stand guard at some sort of doorway at the end of Season 2, and now, she’s just…gone? No mention of them at all in this season and the closest we have to any sort of hint that Picard knows that there has been contact with borg in the last ten years is the look he gives Seven when it’s mentioned.

I wish this wasn’t the last season, there are so many loose ends I would love to see cleaned up, all the way from Season 1. (Also, I miss Elnor.)

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