Vacation’s over. Back to work 😭

I think I meant to post something, reminding people that I was going to be on vacation this past week and a half, but there’s been so much going on, I completely forgot. I will not be going into detail about everything, because frankly, this was the worst vacation I’ve ever had. Between all the bad news and then a tornado coming through…let’s just say, I’m ready for another vacation already. Won’t get one, though; we have inventory coming up at work. Just know that I am already looking forward to autumn, when I can take the next one. 

Things around here will be a little quiet in the next two months. I haven’t had any news from the doctor about the heart monitor yet, but I’m expecting to hear from them this coming week, and I’ll probably be lined up for all sorts of fun tests. That’s going to take up a good portion of my days off. When I’m working, it’s going to be prepping for inventory, which means my brain is going to be mush at the end of the day.

The only real “good” news I have, is that I am very steadily making my way through the edits for “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies.” I’m not even through the first “chapter” and it’s already changed so much. I can’t wait to get further into it to see what else I can improve. 



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The new and improved Data is the best and don’t even get me started on “passive-aggressive” Worf. Also, the scenes of Data handing his memories to Lore? *chef’s kiss* I knew what was going on, but it was still beautiful to watch. 

Everyone is tossing around ideas of Jack being somehow connected to the borg, but based off Vadic’s reaction to seeing him in person, the changeling’s head being obsessed with him, and the story Vadic told us of her time in Daystrom…I still think he’s connected to that. If what I’m thinking is right, it would also explain why he can jump inside peoples’ heads. I can absolutely be wrong, though. I can’t wait to see what’s behind that red door. 

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