Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Also, sims.

Woke up yesterday to wonderful political news, so this week is already going quite nicely. Absolutely no story work was done this weekend, I played the new Sims4 pack the entire time. I love love love the new gameplay, but holy hell, did they have to make the infants and newborns so realistic? My poor sims were running on no sleep, while trying to work and take care of a kid, a toddler, and the infant. It was insane and I cannot wait for my vacation so I can play it for even longer. 

The rest of this month, however, will be dedicated to making sure everything on the site is still ready to go and coming up with content. I’ve been neglecting that, in favor of trying to edit and dealing with work and health issues. Site opening will probably be pushed back further into April or May, just so I can make sure the site isn’t empty when it goes live. 

On a completely different note: I’m caught up on Picard


Okay, so maybe Jack is Picard’s son, but I’m not so sure that person is actually Jack. I think there’s a connection between what Jack actually is and what he’s going through and what Vadic did to talk to her “boss.” Can’t wait to find out.  

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