Watch your step!

Only a few updates to the site so far. There are a lot of broken links and missing stories, I know. I’m working on it. I did warn you all that the site’s a mess. On the plus side though, I have the (probable) name of the next book in The Survivor Chronicles figured out, and I might have a project coming out later in the year. It’s going to depend on a lot though.

For the TL;DR crowd: dealing with another possible cancer scare (yay!), and possibly more writing coming much sooner than expected.

For the full story crowd:

Seriously, if I hear the word “cancer” or “oncology” directed at me one more time

For those of you who have followed along with the blog at all, you know I had a tumor removed behind my eye back in 2017 (which reminds me, I need to set up an appointment to follow up on that…yay, more eye puns!). Well, for the past several years, my family and I have suspected that my thyroid doesn’t work right. I finally got around to seeing a doctor for it, and she sent me over to a specialist. As it turns out, I have “lesions” on my thyroid (I think they’re basically tumors?). Whether or not they’re cancerous, we don’t know. I have a pretty severe reaction to needles coming near me, so I haven’t been able to sit through a biopsy on them. Instead, we’re taking the “wait and see” approach, because – normally – if the lesions are malignant, they grow fast enough to see within a couple of months. If the lesions have shown any signs of growth in this next visit, we’ll have to assume that it’s malignant, and they may just vote to take the whole thing out. I was supposed to find out the week before Christmas, but my roommate came down Covid, and then I was down with that and bronchitis (I am so glad I’m triple-vaxxed). We finally kicked it, but now I’m dealing with a sinus infection, so everything is a bit slow going.

On top of that, I was dealing with fluid on my lungs. Or, actually, fluid on just one of my lungs. We’re not entirely sure why. The most common cause for it – according to google – is congestive heart failure. I have no other symptoms of CHF, however, and – again, according to google – CHF usually involves a “pleural effusion” (the fancy word for ‘fluid on the lungs’) on both lungs, or the right lung. Mine showed up on the left, so I should be in the clear on that, but the next most common cause? Cancer. The other causes range from a simple infection to pneumonia or a blood clot in the lung.

The good news is, the effusion is cleared up, so that’s one big issue down. The thyroid appointment has been rescheduled for next week, so hopefully I’ll have good news to share next time around. In the meantime, I’ve had to buy a heating pad cause the muscles from my neck to my hips are jacked up from all the coughing I’ve been doing. 

I can’t tell you the name of the upcoming zombie book, because I want to make sure all of my “I”s are dotted and “T”s crossed, and the project I’m thinking of taking on is still in baby steps of planning, but I’ll be sharing more as I get closer to something concrete.

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