Construction area ahead.

Dropping in to give you all a quick heads up on what I’m working on this week. I figure, first thing to do is take out the trash. I’m going through, deleting posts that are no longer needed, and changing some of the posts to pages. Just, you know house cleaning. It’ll be good for the site in the long run, but in the meantime, this is your warning that you may run into a few broken links. Please be patient while I get it all sorted out and rearranged. 🙂

Honestly, most of the posts this month are probably going to be updates on what’s going on with the site. Some people have a house to renovate, I have a website. This thing is a mess, and it’s past due for a good deep clean. 

For those of you wondering, the stories that I have posted aren’t being taken down. They’re just being moved to make it easier to locate them. When I do move on to writing, it’s probably going to be editing. I’ve already mentioned that “Don’t Feed the Trolls” will be getting a massive overhaul, but “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies” will also be getting a lookover. There shouldn’t be any big changes to “SNtZ” – mostly toning the language down to appeal to a broader audience (don’t worry, Shelly will still have her potty mouth – it’s just going to be a bit more refined in the way she uses it) – so I’ll probably work on that in between renovations. Since “Don’t Feed the Trolls” needs much more attention, it will probably hold off until much later in the year. 

To tide you over, I am opening myself to any questions you all might have. Whether it’s about the characters, the story, or something else entirely. Hit me with all the burning questions 🙂 (or the not-so-burning ones. Either/or!)

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