See ya later, Shel. (And goodbye, 2022.)

This is going to be a bit of a long post.

TL;DR: “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is finished; Ao3 is a pain in my butt; and I’m going to try to be more active in 2023.

Now for the long version.

  1. “Don’t Feed the Trolls”
     As I said, “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is done. It ends on a cliffhanger, but writing on it now feels like dragging it out. It needs some heavy revision, and I don’t plan for the finished version to look anything like what is currently vomited all over Ao3, so I most likely will not be taking it down from where it’s posted there.

    I would explain all that in the author’s note there, but Ao3 literally won’t let me. They flagged my account for having a link to buy “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies”, and even after I removed the links, they still “hid” the work just for talking about it being in the query stage. Apparently, you’re only allowed to post stories on Ao3 if you have no plans on trying to make it as an actual published author. It’s stupid and very stifling, but whatever. It’s the rules of the site, and I have to abide by them, no matter how stupid I find them, personally, as long as I’m posting there.

    (If you came here from the latest chapter of “Don’t Feed the Trolls”, this is what I meant about not being able to keep you all updated on what’s going on with the books.)

  2. Ao3 is a pain in my butt.
    See above. I mean, I get, kinda, not allowing links to buy the books. I still think it’s stupid, because if I sell books because I have an audience through Ao3, doesn’t it make sense that I would want to fund Ao3, and donate money to keep it going? After all, their success helps fuel my success, but that’s fine.

    Instead, I get to direct you all here, where I can give you proper updates, since Ao3 won’t let me do that, either (:

  3. 2023.
    I have basically been…not even half-assing, maybe a quarter-assing? this whole “I’m a writer” thing for the past several years. 2023 needs to be a year of change for that. I’m going to be spending time writing and/or working on getting this site actually functional, instead of just something that sits there and looks somewhat pretty. A lot of what that looks like, for now, is cleaning. Getting rid of old pages and posts that serve little to no purpose, reminding myself of what little HTML and coding I remember, and learning how the WordPress site editor works. It’s been a mess so far and it’s past time I buckled down and figured it out.

Personally, I’m quite excited about the changes I have planned. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I kept flaking. Now, I know why I flaked so much, and I’m learning how to work around it. It’s still a bit of trial and error, but that’s better than just errors.

So, here’s to 2023, and maybe finally getting my act together – at least somewhat.

One comment

  • I’m just so excited that you’re back. Sometimes we all have to step away for a while in order to “take a breath”. These last few years have been a challenge for us all and while for me, things are getting better, I have no illusions about my still being a work in progress. Do what you need to do on your own timeframe. We’ve got your back.


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