One down, One to go!

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You all might’ve noticed that Chapter 18 was finally posted. I meant to do it last Friday, on my day off, but something came up. My temperature, mostly. (Don’t worry, I didn’t catch the plague. Quite the opposite, really…)

I think I’ve mentioned now that I work at a pharmacy, but I don’t remember if I’ve talked about their role in the vaccination process. The first one I worked at wasn’t a COVID hub – meaning, we didn’t do testing or vaccinations for COVID. I transferred to a different state back in late January though, and the store I’m at now, is a hub. We do testing, scheduled vaccinations, and – sometimes – unscheduled vaccinations.

It’s happened a few times, where they defrosted a certain amount of the vaccine, and not enough people showed up for their vaccinations. When that happens, the people giving the shots usually run through the store real quick to ask any shoppers if they want it. Most of the time though, they ask the employees, first.

I had already passed on two opportunities to get my shot (I hatehatehatehate needles), but I finally decided that if it was offered again, I would bite the bullet and get it. There are too many selfish people coming into my store without a mask, and I don’t want to end up on a ventilator because some idiot got their medical license from a cereal box and decided that this plague is a hoax. Well, last Thursday, the techs at our store had extras, and I did the damn thing.

Let me tell you something: when they say your arm will hurt, they mean it. The give the shot in the muscle, and you’ll feel it for a good couple days. Mostly when you try to reach for something. It’s not fun. I had a fever for a couple days and felt generally blech, so I rested most of Friday and Saturday. I’m back to baseline normal now, though, which means it’s time to get back on the ball.

Coming up in the next couple months is Chapter 19 of “Don’t Feed the Trolls” and a revamp for the site. Oh, and pictures of the newest addition to the family, Mocha.

Mocha, the “chocolate” kitten.

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