Weekly Log #6

Part of the “New Year” thing. Kinda, anyway. This is partly in solidarity with @thebibliofeels, but it’s something I need to do, as well. 

It’s so easy to tell oneself that, “oh, I didn’t have the time today to write,” when the simple truth is, “There was a movie I wanted to watch, and then I had lunch with my friends, and then I was watching Youtube videos, and lost track of time…” When you start a writing log, and you look back at what actually got in your way, you start realizing that, well…the only thing that was in your way, was you.

I’m no different, but that’s something I’m working on, and this is step one of that: pinpointing the problem. What are the greatest distractions, and how can I cut back on them.

Feel free to chime in when/if you notice something you’re guilty of as well. We can all learn from each other.  

This was not a week for writing. There was just too much going on. Even though graduation isn’t until May, I have to start making plans now for the trip. Throw in a family who tend to make things difficult and you have a mess waiting to happen.

On top of that, I’ve begun working again. Friday night, I heard from one of my coworkers. The owners of the 7 Eleven I worked at lost their father and needed some help covering shifts. I worked Saturday night, and took Sunday off for myself. Monday, I had a dentist appointment and Tuesday was a run around and get stuff done day, followed up by more travel planning.

Today is Wednesday and I’m working on getting ahead on homework. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to editing Say “No!” to Zombies on Friday. It just needs some work on the formatting, thankfully. It got a bit wonky while I was getting it all nice and polished. 

TL;DR: I didn’t get anything (writing wise) done and I am severely annoyed about that.

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