Weekly Log #5

Part of the “New Year” thing. Kinda, anyway. This is partly in solidarity with @thebibliofeels, but it’s something I need to do, as well. 

It’s so easy to tell oneself that, “oh, I didn’t have the time today to write,” when the simple truth is, “There was a movie I wanted to watch, and then I had lunch with my friends, and then I was watching Youtube videos, and lost track of time…” When you start a writing log, and you look back at what actually got in your way, you start realizing that, well…the only thing that was in your way, was you.

I’m no different, but that’s something I’m working on, and this is step one of that: pinpointing the problem. What are the greatest distractions, and how can I cut back on them.

Feel free to chime in when/if you notice something you’re guilty of as well. We can all learn from each other.  

Wednesday / 29

Image result for writing memes"

Oh…right. I’m supposed to write today. Oops? 😬😬 Seriously though, I had to do some adulting today, but then I sat down and got some work done. I’m rather proud of myself, lol. 

Word count: 1,320. Almost at the end of Chapter 13. 

Thursday / 30

I took today off. Watched the new episode of Star Trek: Picard, and then the rest of the day was playing The Sims4 and/or Facebook games. 

Word count: n/a

Friday / 31

Finished chapter 13 of “Don’t Feed the Trolls” just before noon. Started working on chapter 14. Took a couple hours break for a livestream, but still managed to crush my goal. I am very happy.

Wordcount: 1,132

Saturday / February 1

Went back and forth today, but I got a lot done, so I’m happy.

Word Count: 638

Sunday / 2

Took the day off to help a friend and enjoy yummy food cooked on the grill. One of the VERY few good points to having 80° days in February. 

Word Count: n/a

Monday / 3

Had to set aside “Don’t Feed the Trolls” for now to get some editing work done on “Say ‘No!’ to Zombies.” Time to rally the troops and get this monster polished!

Word Count: 113

Image result for writing memes"

Tuesday / 4

Writing is hard. Editing is harder. Also, games are addicting. Someone take my phone from me?

Pages edited: 50 

End of week review:

I didn’t make the 500 words a day goal that I wanted to, but I only missed it by 300, and that is only because I stopped writing to work on editing, instead. Overall, I can’t really call this a loss.  

Word count: 3,203

Pages edited: 50

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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