Weekly Log #3

Part of the “New Year” thing. Kinda, anyway. This is partly in solidarity with @thebibliofeels, but it’s something I need to do, as well. 

It’s so easy to tell oneself that, “oh, I didn’t have the time today to write,” when the simple truth is, “There was a movie I wanted to watch, and then I had lunch with my friends, and then I was watching Youtube videos, and lost track of time…” When you start a writing log, and you look back at what actually got in your way, you start realizing that, well…the only thing that was in your way, was you.

I’m no different, but that’s something I’m working on, and this is step one of that: pinpointing the problem. What are the greatest distractions, and how can I cut back on them.

Feel free to chime in when/if you notice something you’re guilty of as well. We can all learn from each other.  

Wednesday / 15

I woke up ridiculously early, after not falling asleep until late, so I expected to not get a lot done, but I’m actually pretty happy. Even with being repeatedly pulled away from my computer to help my roommate, I got a lot of research done, and managed to write way over my daily goal. I’ll take it!

Word count: 903

Thursday / 16

Woke up to the phone ringing. Alfred was in a car accident and was being taken to a hospital. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious. Turned out, she was rear-ended, and they thought she was either having a panic or anxiety attack. They’re treating her for whiplash, too, and she is not to go back to work until Monday. Batman also stayed home from work to take care of Alfred and the kids. I helped out some, and then per Alfred’s preferences, retreated into my writing cave at around 4:30. Time for bed now, but I made my goal. This damn chapter is almost done! 

Word count: 513

Friday / 17

Today was an “adulting” day. Paying bills, cleaning, rearranging, laundry. You know, the fun stuff. Didn’t break 500 words today, but did finish Chapter 11. I’m taking the weekend off for me.

Wordcount: 481

Saturday / 18

Batman didn’t have to work today, so I took the day off. Did some grocery shopping and played games all day. It was a good day. ♥

Sunday / 19

Fun time’s over. I need to fix part of chapter 11, and then start on 12. Feeling kinda like crap, but it is what it is. / Chapter 11 fixed. Chapter 12 started, and tomorrow’s route is already planned. 

Word Count: 687

Monday / 20

There was no school for the munchkins today, and Batman took Robin to work with him, so I spent the morning playing, and then got to work on chapter 12. The good thing about plotting the route the night before, means that the next day, all I have to do is write what happened along the way. Route planning takes up so much time, I swear. Also had to do a lot of behind the scenes revisions. 

Word Count: 507

Tuesday / 21

Woke up late. Not even five minutes into the day, I’m halfway through a box of tissues and coughing. Need to do some revising of the past couple chapters. It’s gonna be a battle of wills today… *edit* Chapter 11 has been proofread.

Word Count: 635

End of week review:

This! This is what happens when I at least attempt to stick to my guns. Even with my day off and taking time to watch Star Trek: Discovery, I reached the word count goal I set for myself this week. This coming week might be a bit more difficult, with this stupid cold popping up on me and previous commitments, but in the best case scenarios, these numbers should be the lowest I ever get again.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

On another note, since chapters 10 and 11 have both been revised and proofread, I can post a new “Don’t Feed the Trolls” chapter tomorrow! Very happy about that.

Word count: 3,726

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