[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Book Cellar

This candle is part of the limited time Spring collection!

Okay, so candle two of the spring collection: “Book Cellar.”

I’m beginning to think Frostbeard and I have much different ideas of what certain things smell like. Book Cellar is supposed to smell like dirt, basement, and vanilla bean. I can kinda smell the vanilla, but the rest is all nope. I asked my roommate, and we both agree that there’s a bit of mint to the smell. Not sure how that is supposed to give off any sort of basement air – or dirt, for that matter – but it’s there.

Also, the strength is weird. When you first open the tin, the smell pops out at you. I thought for sure that it was going to be one of the stronger scented candles. Burned it in my small room for hours sitting right next to it – nothing. The site says this should be a “mild/medium” strength scent.

Not. Even. Close.

If you like a very lightly scented candle, this is perfect for you. If you want something to really fill a room, keep looking, cause this is not it.

Breakdown:Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Dirt, basement, vanilla beanVanilla and mint.
Scent Strength Medium/MildLight

Note: This particular candle is seasonal and only currently available from
March 16 – May 31 .

Click on the bearded fellow above to get your order on~

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