[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Sexy Librarian

This candle is part of the limited time Spring collection!

I finally got the spring collection candles in, and I am thrilled. The first one on the block is “Sexy Librarian.” I’m just going to say that I really should’ve read the description closer than I did when I ordered it. I was expecting male cologne and books, and that is certainly not what I got. As soon as I opened the tin and sniff, I had an immediate “Wait, what-?” moment.

It doesn’t smell bad, mind you, it’s just…not what I expected. I looked at the tin, and saw the mix of scents and went “….Oh.”

Rosewood, lilac and musk.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t men who would wear something similar, but it’s definitely not a scent I would associate with my idea of a “sexy librarian,” so. Oops? It works out in the end though. It honestly reminds me of a shop I like to go to. They’re always burning some sort of incense, and I love it. I think it’s the musk part of the scent, but the rosewood also comes through very nicely. I already have a crap ton of incense to work my way through, so I’ll probably wait til next spring before I buy anymore of this one, and even then, only a 4oz candle.

Breakdown:Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Rosewood, lilac and muskMusk and rosewood
Scent Strength MediumLight

Note: This particular candle is seasonal and only currently available from
March 16 – May 31 .

Click on the bearded fellow above to get your order on~

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