[Review] Frostbeard Studios – Lallybroch

This candle is part of the “Bring it Back” collection

Well, it’s official. I’ve found my least favorite candle so far. Lallybroch. It’s supposed to call to mind the Scottish Highlands, and be “heavy on the Scotch whiskey.” All I’m going to say is holy haddock, Batman, they aren’t kidding.

The description says it’s supposed to smell like whiskey, peat moss, and firewood. All I smell is medicine. I mean, as soon as I opened the tin, I had to take a step back for some fresh air. It’s strong.

To be fair though, whenever I smell whiskey, I automatically associate it with the Hot Toddy my aunt made me when I was like, six or seven, to try and stop me from coughing up a lung. It was absolutely disgusting, didn’t help any, and I won’t touch the stuff now. Just like I won’t be burning that candle any further, either.

I definitely suggest you all to remember the whole “personal taste” thing and give any/all of these candles a try. Just because I don’t like one doesn’t mean you won’t.


Frostbeard Studio says: I say:
Scent Details Whiskey, peat moss, firewood. Medicine
Scent Strength StrongVery strong

Click on the bearded fellow above to see if they have anything else that might tickle your fancy~

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