If I hear the word ‘platform’ one more time, I’m going to scream….

Always nice to know you’re not the only one with these thoughts…

Shannon Ferretti


If I hear the word ‘platform’ one more time, I’m going to scream….

If you want to make a living with your writing, you’ve heard the word platform. And if you like writing enough to want to eek out a living on scribbles, you’re probably not the prototypical social butterfly. So, if you’re like most introverted writers — all of us who are dying to tell you a story but can’t look you in the eye to do it — you probably cringe when you hear the words platform, audience, following, reach, yada, yada,yada.

And as much as I like to sneer at the DiSC and INTJ fad of categorizing us many-faceted humans into plot points on a quadrant graph, I am an introvert through and through, and every single person-on-person interaction outside of family drains me. It doesn’t matter how positive the experience is. The mental energy spent plotting, revising, and delivering responses and…

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