“Say ‘No!’ to Zombies” Day 52-56

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

June 8th


Mike likes my idea, but he’s not sure about the mechanics. He suggested getting the plants started in pots, and taking the tarp off the top of one of the wagons. That would allow the plants to get the sun they need, and if the weather turns bad, we can just put the tarp back on.

Dave and Ben said they’ll keep their eyes open for any garden type stores along the way. Scott joked about making a birdcage for a chicken. I told him not to tempt me.

We made pretty good distance today. Had to stay on the roads for the most part cause of the rain the other day, but yeah. It was a good traveling day. I have dawn watch, and not much really happened today, so I’m headed to bed.


June 9th


Had the most surreal (I think that’s the word?) thing happen today. We’ve been sticking to this one road, okay? It seems to head almost directly south, it’s damn near empty, and it’s paved, of course, so pulling the wagons isn’t as hard, so it’s like perfect for what we need.

So yeah, we’re cruising along, people are talking a little more, it’s been a shit week, but we have to keep moving, you know? No time to really sit down and let ourselves grieve, which, I’m sure, isn’t healthy, but whatever.

I was chatting with Melly and Karla, and there was a lull in the conversation, when I hear something. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, and by then, it was already headed our way.

A car.

Someone was driving a car down the road. We all dove for the bushes, just left the wagons and bolted. And the car drove right on by. Josh and Ben came running along shortly after. They had saw the car, but there wasn’t enough time to call and warn us. They don’t think it was trolls. Ben said he saw a man and a woman, and it looked like they were arguing. No idea for sure, but it really fucked with our heads.

I’m kinda jealous. I’d love to hop in a car and make the rest of the trip in style, but I’m worried about not having enough room for everyone, and it really limits us on how we travel. Right now, we can go off road without a problem. Well, mostly without a problem, anyway. In a car? Not so much.

Plus, cars are louder than footsteps. Trolls would hear us coming real easy. We’ll see though. It would be nice to shave some time off of this trip. If we can find a good pickup truck, we could try doing like what we did with the cars back in Delaware, and pull the wagons behind us. We could all fit in the back of a pickup truck, without a problem. SwBridget and Chloe could ride up front with whoever was driving. It would give everyone a break from the walking, and maybe even catch a little extra shuteye (though I wouldn’t count on that one…).

I dunno though. I think we used up all of our luck back in NY, but hope is a good thing to have, so…I dunno.

I’m sleepy. Goodnight.

June 10th


Weather sucks.

So. We stuck to the road again. Good thing we did. ‘Bout mid-afternoon, the sky started looking kinda yellow-ish green. If you live in the south, or the mid-west, you know that this is not a good thing. We didn’t find a truck on the road, but we passed by a parking lot, and Dave hotwired a couple cars for us to use. It started raining in the middle of us tying the wagons to the cars, and was beginning to hail when we finally found a place to stop.

It was bad. It was really bad. I mean, by the time we found shelter and got out of the cars, it had went from pea sized to fucking golfballs. I think it got up to about baseball sized before it moved off. I don’t know if there was a tornado nearby or not, it was impossible to hear over the sound of the hail on the roof, but it was a nasty ass storm, tornado or not.

The cars are all busted up, of course, and Scott’s shoulders are covered in nasty bruises. He was carrying SweBridget, shielding her with his body, so he got beat up pretty good. We’re all dinged up, at least a little, even Chloe got tagged once, but I think he got it the worst. I made him take the night off of watch. I’m taking first watch with Josh.

Dinner was weird tonight. We had to leave the wagons outside and it’s still raining its ass off, so we haven’t bothered going out to check on them. We’re in another general store thing, so we ate chips and crap off the shelves. Wasn’t really much to work with, but we did the best we could. If it’s still raining tomorrow, we might end up staying here another day. If we do, we’ll definitely have to make a run out to the wagons. There’s still plenty of chips in here, but they’re not all that filling, y’know?

Anyway. Whatever. We’ll have to see what happens. Hopefully this passes quick. I’d like to see how far we can get with these cars. Most of the windows are shattered, but it’s not like we’re gonna get pulled over for that shit, so, yeah. Whatever.

Goodnight for now.

June 11th

2:58 pm

Today has been…interesting. The storm was mostly past us this morning. It was just drizzling when everyone woke up, so we went out and assessed the damage. We already knew the cars were busted to hell and back, but the wagons got it even worse.

The boxes we used to pack everything back at Mike and Karla’s were cardboard, so yeah, they’re ruined. What little clothes we had packed are soaked, as are the sleeping bags and tents. The tents we used the most all have rips and tears in them. One of the tarps is gone. The other one got tangled up in a tree, but Ben and Dave were able to climb up and get it down. We scrounged around and managed to find some plastic tubs to move stuff into, but ugh. A lot of the food is no good anymore. Most of the cans of formula are ruined, so I have to make the one I put in my bookbag last as long as I can.

The boxes some of the food was in is trash, and even some of the packages of ramen are no good. It looked like they got torn open, and then the rain got in there, so….yeah. Soggy noodles. Yuck. We saved the foil packets of flavor though. I figure we can use them to flavor other stuff, or maybe just as a soup, you know? Especially if any of us catch a cold after this bullshit. Yay for warm broth.

We cleaned out the cars of all the glass we could, and used plastic bags from the store to line the seats so we don’t all end up with wet asses. We figured we’d take them as far as we could. Turned out not to be all that far, with all the trees down and everything, but still further than we would’ve gotten by walking. Knocked at least a day off the trip, so yay!

We’re at a house now. We have to make it to a bridge on the other side of this town we’re at, but I’m not entirely sure how we’re gonna do this yet. Ben, Scott, Dave and Josh are all checking out the town.

Mike came up with the idea of taking screens off of windows, connecting them together and making a cover, kinda. He wants to stretch it out over the top of the wagons, underneath the tarp. That way, if we run into more shitty weather, the supplies will have a bit more protection. Abby and Jason are helping Mike with that while we wait for the guys to get back. Karla and Melly are sewing up the rips in the tents. We have the sleeping bags hung up to dry….pretty much everywhere we could find to hang them.

Now, we wait.


Ha. Now we wait some more. And now we’re thoroughly creeped out on top of everything else, so yay!

We’re in…well, it claims to be a used car dealership, but there’s not much here. There’s a bunch of little shed type buildings across the street from us though that look beat to shit and back…and yet cozy at the same time. Not sure how that makes any sense, but yeah. They look almost like the playhouse my dad built me when I was little.

But anyway. Right after I got done writing earlier, the guys came back. They think they know where everyone in town is holed up at, and they found a couple stores to stock up at. They gave us a place to meet them at, then left to go scavenge some more while we went the long way round.

They’re raiding the houses near us now. Trying to get blankets and stuff for us to use while we wait for the sleeping bags to dry out. Maybe even some food if there’s any there.

As soon as they get back, I’m gonna move us into a house, instead of this building. It’s too cramped and it smells all musty. I don’t like it.


These boys have timing down to an art. We’re in one of the houses across the street from the car place. Scott filled me in on what they found, and Abby and Karla are re-packing the wagons. Mike already tore out the screens on the windows, so him and Jason are back to work on his little project.

There’s a little…college type thing, it’s not a college, but it’s not a high school, I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s a building. And it’s a nice sized building, and Scott said it looks like everyone in town is hiding out there. Not a bad idea, really. Big kitchen, cafeteria, grounds to start a farm, and big enough for everyone to have their own space. Not bad at all.

The boys weren’t able to find a lot of food from the stores, he thinks the people at the school already went through them, but they did get a bunch of plastic tubs….WITH lids! The ones from the store had those flap things that wouldn’t be much help against rain. We’re keeping them anyway, though. We’re just putting stuff in there that water can’t really damage.

Scott said, from what he saw, it doesn’t look like we’re in any danger tonight, and we should all get some rest. They checked out the road ahead and it’s a long one. He said it was packed with cars, but they were able to move most of them off to the sides of the road, so we’re gonna try driving some more tomorrow. Dave’s already picked out the cars he wants to use, but we still have to get to them, and we’re not sure how far we’ll be able to make it once we get them going. He didn’t get a chance to check the fuel gauges or batteries, which annoyed the hell out of me. What use is it if you pick out a car, but you don’t know if it will even work?! We also have to clean out the glass before we go, because, of course, they’re bashed up. The storm really did a number on the area.

But whatever. Even if the cars only get us 10 or so miles, it’s still more than we’re going walking, so yeah. Time to stop complaining. Tomorrow is a new day and all that shit.

June 12th


Well, we’re stocked back up, and we went a pretty good distance today. This time we had to ditch the cars cause there were too many cars left on the road. We managed to avoid most of the downed trees by going around them, but the cars…couldn’t really do that. Especially not with the wagons. But hey, whatever. The sleeping bags are mostly dried out. We’re in a house, so we didn’t have to worry about using the bags anyway.

Benefits of going through a big-ish town: lots of gas stations to raid (and even a Food Lion, hell yeah! We’re stocked back up on all kinds of food and formula).

Downsides to going through a big-ish town: a LOT of trolls and flashbacks to the last big town we were in. We spent almost as much time scanning the sky as we did watching the groups of trolls. Had another run in with some survivors. Kinda.

They were in this massive truck, and came speeding down the road, plowing right into a group of trolls. A couple guys jumped out and started really going to town on them with bats and crowbars, it looked like. When another group of trolls started headed their way, they jumped back in the truck, reversed and got outta there.

Not sure if they’re trying to take back their town or what, we didn’t stay long enough to ask. We finished our raiding and left. We got as far as we could without using the roads, but after third fucking time of having to push the tires out of the mud, we kinda just said ‘fuck it.’ We ended up following the highway til nightfall. We’re in a little farmhouse off of Hwy 95, if any of you know where that is. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough, and we plan on checking out the sheds out back in the morning.

Mike’s already stripped the windows of their screens and is adding it to the rest. He think this should be enough to cover the one wagon. He’s gonna nail it to the posts so it won’t fly off like the tarps did. We probably should’ve done that with the tarps too, but hindsight is 20/20, and all that bullshit.

We’re having four people on watch tonight. We’re in a wide open area, and the highway is entirely too close for my comfort. Karla and Abby and going through all the crap we grabbed today, sorting it out and doing some general cleaning up. They’re abusing the fuck out of the bungee cords. Everything is strapped down super tight. Karla took the shower liners out of the past couple houses and used those to cover everything until we can find another tarp.

There’s more that happened today, but I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ll try writing tomorrow or something. Goodnight.

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