“Say ‘No!’ to Zombies” Day 45

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

June 1st

11:30 pm

Fuck me. Not literally. Just. Fuck.

Let’s just say: if the road to hell really is paved with good intentions, then I’ve got a pretty fucking good idea of where I’m headed.

The day started out fine. Ben woke up early, so we took him aside and explained the situation. He wasn’t happy about having to keep quiet, but he agreed with the reasoning. He said if we’re going to be staying off the grid, so to speak, that we would need more supplies. He pulled up google maps (we charged the phones at that gas station yesterday) and showed me couple stores he had found nearby. There were two in one direction, and two more in the other.

I gave him permission to take a small team with him, and raid the stores that weren’t on our way. I figured that would give everyone else a chance to wake up, and get everything packed and ready to go.

He took Josh and Melly with him. I heard him telling them as they left about the whole avoiding people thing. Before they left, I had dug out the guns and made sure they were all armed. I did the same with everyone else as they woke up. By the time Ben and the rest got back with the goods, everyone was awake, fed, and ready to go.

We ended up not leaving for another half hour though. They came back with a lot. Like, seriously. We should be good for at least a week, just from that stop. One wagon is completely full. It’s taking two people to pull it, and one person pushing. They had bags on top of bags of food.


We got that stuff packed up, and got on the road. We got into the woods as quick as we could, and circled around the town, which turned out to be a colossal pain in the ass. Huge fucking field we couldn’t go around, so we ran across it. Keep in mind what I said about the fucking wagon being heavy.

Got to where the other stores were, and fuck off. Google had it listed wrong. It wasn’t two stores, it was one. So okay, whatever. Ben and Scott did some more raiding while we ran across another empty field with this heavy ass wagon, and why the fuck we didn’t spread out the weight better while we waited, I have no fucking idea, but we didn’t.

Got on the road some more.

Annnnnd, found more swamp. We finally ended up sticking to an actual road. Which was fine, and I was just about to call for a break so we could tell everyone what was going on with the trolls, and then..


Okay. So. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but maybe I did, it’s late, it’s been hell, and I just. Whatever.

If the scouts come across a house, they’re supposed to signal the others, and they send a couple people to check it out together. Especially if it looks like someone might be still living there. That way, we don’t have to risk the entire group blundering into a fuckmess.

Well, on the plus side, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about anyone forgetting this shit again. On the downside….fuck.

Okay, I’m just gonna say it.

Becca probably won’t make it through the night.

Part of it is my fault. I should’ve told them all sooner, but I honestly thought I was doing the right thing. Part of it is Gabby’s fault, and part of it is no one’s fault but Becca’s. Ben and Dave both told them not to talk to anyone, or try to help a person. I heard Gabby complaining about how they kept reminding the scouts, like they were “fucking children.”

And yet you didn’t fucking listen, now did you? Sorry, I’m trying not to be mad, but it’s hard not to when…just….UGH.

Okay, so. From what I understand, Gabby went out to give Becca a water bottle. She had forgot to grab one before she went out to take her place in the scout circle thing, so Gabby was gonna run one out to her real quick.

Well, I remember Gabby grabbing two bottles of water, and heading out. I remember her being gone for a while, and thinking, “oh, she’s spending time with her girlfriend. As long as they don’t get too distracted, that’s fine.”

Then we heard the gunshots. We figured, you know, “troll horde, oh shit!” so we all took off for the trees off the side of the road. We all managed to find a tree, and settled in to wait. Couple minutes later, Dave jumps down out of the tree and tells us to hurry up. It’s not a troll horde, but we need to get outta there now. So we get about another mile down the road, and I see the houses.

John is carrying Becca, and there’s blood everywhere. Roger took off ahead of us, took a closer look at Becca, then came running back and started digging through our supplies. I don’t know what he was looking for, but he ended up dumping out a couple of the plastic bags Ben got from the dollar store and ran off with them.

I guess he was looking for rope, cause I know he used the bags to tie a tourniquet (sp?) around her arm. We got to the nearest house, and I finally found out what happened.

Apparently, when Gabby reached Becca, Becca had shushed her, and pointed out a house ahead of them. There was a woman pounding on the window, looking behind her frantically, like something was inside the house with her.

Becca had already signaled the others, and was just waiting for them to reach her before continuing. You know. Like she was supposed to do. Gabby talked her into going alone. “What if they’re too late? You go on ahead, and I’ll stay here and wait for the others.”

So Becca’s dumbass went. She ignored everyone’s orders and went.

She said she got inside the house, looked around, found the room the woman was in. The woman she had seen was curled up in a corner, face buried in her hands. She was rocking, and making this sound like she was crying.

Becca is a sweetheart, guys. A complete and total sweetheart. What’s the word, cinnamon bun? Cinnamon roll? Something like that, anyway. So of course she went over to her. Sat down in front of her, and pulled her hands away from her face, probably saying shit like “it’s okay, you’re safe.” She wasn’t paying any attention, really, she said. She was too busy keeping an eye on the doorway for whatever had scared the woman, so she didn’t even know something wasn’t right until the woman tore a chunk out of her arm with her fucking teeth.

She managed to get away from her and took off running, but the troll chased her out of the house. Ben and the others were already on their way, and when they saw what was going on, they started shooting. Becca hit the ground to avoid getting shot, and the guys finally managed to get a headshot in, though they all say it was probably more luck than skill. Something we’re gonna have to work on.

Anyway, Josh ran and grabbed Becca and started hauling her ass back to the treeline. Becca fell, so he picked her up, and carried her.

We couldn’t stop where we were, and thank someone Roger realized that. He got her arm tied up so she wouldn’t lose anymore blood, and to hopefully stop the virus from getting to her brain.

We finally managed to get to a house, which is where we are now. Becca was still…what’s the word? In her right mind?


I mean, she was in a lot of pain, the troll took a good sized chunk out of her arm, and it was right on the inside…like, okay. Put your arm out, palm up. The area right between your wrist and your elbow, she’s missing about a fist sized spot. And there’s a major artery there, so the blood loss was…ugh.

But she was able to talk. She told us what happened inside the house, and she begged us to shoot her before she turned into a troll. I talked it over with Roger and Scott, and we thought of trying an amputation. Only problem is, we didn’t have any knives that would cut through bone, and we don’t know how fast the virus travels through the body. We also have no way of knocking her out for the “surgery.”

I ended up suggesting…well, I dunno if it has an actual name, but I’m calling it a gunshot amputation. Basically, shooting her arm at really close range to blow it off of her body. High risk, very unlikely she would survive, especially with all the blood she’s already lost, but it was a thought.

We talked it over with Becca and Gabby. Gabby freaked the fuck out (understandably). I told her though: if we didn’t do something, Becca would turn into a troll and die anyway. There is a tiny chance she might survive this, and if she does, there’s still a chance of her turning into a troll, but it was the biggest shot at survival we could give her.

Becca said to go ahead and do it, but she made us promise that if she doesn’t make it, or if she shows signs of turning into a troll, that we’ll shoot her. Immediately.

I made everyone leave. I didn’t want them to be in the house during the “operation.” Josh and Gabby stayed to support each other. Roger and I stayed to help Scott. Roger and I held Becca down, and Scott pulled the trigger. He just put it right against her skin, bang bang, real quick.

Roger tied another tourniquet, and we dribbled water in her mouth (she passed out) while he stitched her up the best he could.

Now we wait. We’ve been taking turns checking on her, trying to get a few sips of water in her at a time.

The shots took out about half of her upper arm, I guess? She has part of a bicep left, anyway. We doused it in alcohol, before and after he stitched it up, and wrapped a sheet around it as tight as we (safely) could. It’s been a couple hours. Last time we checked, the bleeding had finally slowed.

Gabby and Josh are sitting with her. It’s going to be a rough night. If we can get the bleeding to stop completely, I’d like to get out of this house and meet up with the others. I’m worried that the gunshots might’ve been heard.

Right now though, I’d be happy if she would just wake up. We need to get some antibiotics in her. We need to get more water in her. We need to know she’ll be okay.

But she just lays there.

I kinda want to punch Gabby. I kinda want to shoot her ass and leave her here. She knew the rules. She talked Becca into going anyway. The only reason I haven’t beat the everliving fuck out of her yet is because I know. Whether Becca makes it or not, Gabby is going to have to live with the consequences of her stupid ass mistake for the rest of her fucking life.

And I have zero – zero – amount of sympathy for her right now. As far as I’m concerned, she did this to Becca, and if Becca dies, so does she.


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