Say ‘No!’ to Zombies: Day 40-44

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

May 27th

8:46 pm

We didn’t really make it ANYWHERE today. We were going to, but the guys found a couple places to raid, so we were waiting for them to get back before we finished packing up. Not much point in getting everything packed, and then having to reorganize shit. So yeah, waiting. Course, nothing ever goes the way we want it anymore. I think we used up all our luck that first week.

The guys came back just fine, no injuries, thankfully. They just didn’t come back alone.

Two men. They are not staying with us. They have their own group. (HA, universe! Up yours, dammit! Stop dumping people on me!)

They invited us to their camp for the night. I was thinking it’s like…an actual camp. You know, with tents and stuff, so I gave it a hard pass at first, but it’s not. It’s a rest stop/travel center thing. Big brick building with bathrooms, and grills outside to cook on, etc.. Not a bad set up, really, except that it didn’t have a lot when it came to food. It has vending machines for sodas and snacks, but that will only hold you for so long, y’know? There’s only 6 or 7 people here, but that’s still a lot of mouths to feed when all you have are snacks.

They’ve been thinking about moving on to somewhere with more food access, but they’re worried about not finding safe places to sleep at night. We gave them some suggestions, and warned them to stay off the highways and away from the major cities. They fired up the grills and cooked pizza (kinda? It was weird, the way they did it, but it was edible, so whatever). We stayed outside for a while, but then we started hearing movement in the woods around us, so we retreated back to the building.

Josh, Mike and Ben are watching tonight.


They’re mostly talking plans over with the other group. Passing on tips and tricks. We’re leaving the one shopping cart we kept from Walmart with them to help carry stuff. We already told them to ditch it if they come across a horde. Just leave the damn cart and get the fuck outta dodge. If they can get to a tree before they’re spotted, go for it. Otherwise, just…go.

Scott told them that the first thing they need to do is make sure they’re all on the same page. Like, our group is fucking HUGE, but we all know where we’re going. We have a destination in mind, and we are working together to get there. That got all of them looking at each other like they didn’t quite know what to do with themselves.

Hopefully they get shit sorted soon. I don’t even know how they survived this long without having some kind of leadership structure in place, but they all swore up and down that no one is the “leader.”

I don’t particularly care, to be honest though. They’re not going with us, and they’re not shooting at us. I’m happy.

And sleepy. Goodnight.

May 28th


Well, this sucks. We’re gonna be here another fucking day. The rest area we’re at is right off a major highway, and apparently a horde moved in overnight, taking up the entire damn thing. We have a river and a lake thing boxing us in, too, so the only way out of here is forward, which means we’d be walking right into the trolls. Yeah, that’s a hell no.

One of the guys said there’s like, a little land bridge type thing south of here, but it still takes us way too close to the road. We’re going to try and wait it out. One of the ladies here wanted to have someone out in the trees by the highway to keep watch, but there are just too many trolls. I don’t want to risk them getting cut off from us. Plus, if the trolls sees the scout, then it brings them that much closer to the rest of us. The last thing we need is a hungry horde coming down on us here.

So yeah. That’s a no go. I have everyone taking apart what they can – as quiet as they can – to try and shore up the doors and windows. We unplugged the vending machines and moved them over in front of the doors facing the highway. Karla and Abby got the women working on taping papers and pamphlet things to the windows, but other than that, there isn’t really much we can do. Most of the stuff here isn’t exactly meant for making barricades out of, so, yeah.

The guys are moving what they can of the heavier stuff, but it’s a lot of awkward desks and shelves. I tried to help, but I was pretty much just getting in the way. I have muscle, but not like the guys, so now I’m off to the side, writing this.

Woo. So exciting. Ugh. Gonna try to find something to do. There has to be something I can do to help out.

10:08 pm

Way too much excitement for one day. I knew I shouldn’t’ve said anything about this being boring.

The horde is still out there.

Now they’re starting to spill over into the parking lot around us, so we’ve moved our sleeping stuff to the bathrooms. The building we’re in is kinda weird. It’s like, two buildings, connected by a hall, kinda? I dunno, like I said, it’s weird.

Jamie/James/something like that (one of the guys here) said that they were using the different areas to give each other privacy, kinda. Like, one section was for half the group, and the other was for…the other. Duh. The area in between was a common space.

Now, one area holds the wagons, and we were all sleeping wherever we could find an empty spot. With the horde though, it just didn’t really feel safe. Too open and nothing but glass between us and them. Scary as hell. And not exactly a good environment for sleeping, you know?

I’m not in the bathrooms with the rest. There’s not enough room, for one thing. We fit as many people as we could in there, but there’s only so much room. I’m not complaining, believe me. Bathrooms aren’t exactly my idea of a good place to sleep in. I’d almost rather sleep outside.

Anyway, I’m in a supply closet thing. The acoustics in the bathrooms are a bit too much for Sweetie, and if she starts crying in there…ugh. So, yeah. Yay for my own room for the night? Still can’t think of a name for her. I was thinking of something close to “Micah,” but the only name I can think of that is close to it is “Michelle” or “Mikayla.” My name is Michelle, so that’s out, and “Mikayla” just doesn’t sound right. Technically, ‘Micah’ could probably be a boy or girl name, and it’s not like anyone is gonna say anything anyway. but ugh…how the hell do parents ever manage to decide on a name for their kids?!

May 29th


They’re still out there. We’re still in here.

May 30th


Horde is pretty much gone. We’re not leaving til tomorrow morning though, just to be safe.

Shya won’t be traveling with us anymore. She’s taking over the group here. I went back to my “room” and did a happy dance. I’m terrible, I know. Fuck off.

May 31st

12:12 pm

I think the universe is trying to make up for the swamp bullshit. We found a gas station/visitor station thing that has NOT been looted yet. We’ve completely stuffed one of the wagons.

Most of it is chips and snack type food, but that’s pretty much what we’re used to at this point. We really need to figure out these damn crossbows, and learn how to hunt. I want a big ol’ steak. I want a burger. I WANT FOOD. REAL food, not this bullshit packaged crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to NOT be starving, but still. There’s only so much ramen and chips and canned soup that a person can handle.

We’re taking a break for now. The power is still on (not sure how), and Josh apparently used to work at a gas station, so he knows how to operate the oven. We’re cracking open sodas and replenishing our water bottles. Yay for pizza bites and ice cream. There’s a Wendy’s across the parking lot from us, but we’re not risking it. We’re eating, then cutting out of here.

I grabbed me a new couple notebooks. This one is just about full.

I talked to Melly about Sweetie. She cried all over me. Then she said she didn’t want Sweetie named after Micah. She suggested naming her after the women who found her and took care of her. So Sweetie’s new name is….drumroll please:

Bridgette Michelle!

I tried arguing for Bridgette Shyan (like “Cheyenne”), but Melly took a vote, and I was the only one who liked it.

Food’s done. Write later.

9:36 pm

That didn’t go quite as planned, but we made it, so yay.

Didn’t make it very far, but we’re in a house. There’s a pharmacy near us. Roger went with Scott and Ben to see if he could find anything useful.

We ran into trolls a couple times, but our new scout system is working well for us. We were all able to make it to a hiding place in time, and SweBridgette was mostly quiet. I had a bottle ready, though, just in case.

The gouge on Mike’s ankle is almost gone. We’ve kept it cleaned, and had him on the antibiotics. Kinda doubt that’s what helped, since otherwise the cure to this shit would be easy, but whatever. At least now we know that scratches aren’t enough to infect a person. Though it could depend on how bad the scratches are, and if the trolls has blood/gunk on their nails.

The guys haven’t returned yet. It’s been about an hour, but the power is out, so they’re probably having to move slow. Haven’t seen any trolls since we got here, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll give them another hour before we go searching for them.


They’re back. White as fucking ghosts. Took a while to get them to talk, then another long ass time for them to stop talking all at once.

They found a woman at the pharmacy. She was behind one of those glass/plastic partition things. Scared the hell out of them. They were swinging the flashlight around, making sure it was all clear, you know? Swing left, swing right, whoop, there she was (you younger generations probably have no idea what that is referring to, but whatever). They freaked out at first, thinking she was a troll, and then they see that she’s, like, laughing at them. So then they start laughing, cause, oh, it’s a normie, okay.

Scott heads over to her, still laughing. Tells her, you know, sorry for scaring you. We don’t want to hurt anyone, we’re just looking for medicine. We have a friend who’s sick and needs some amox or penicillin or something, y’know? Just let us grab a few zpacks maybe, and we’ll get out of your hair.

He said she kinda frowned, and motioned for him to come closer. She was pretty, so he leans forward like “hey baby”, and she fucking lunges at him. Growling and scratching at the glass like an animal.

Keep in mind, this woman fucking smiled at them. She laughed at them. Scott said, she brought her hand up to her mouth when she laughed. Her eyes got all crinkly and everything. They heard her. There was nothing to suggest she was anything other than human.

So now, not only are these bastards learning how to open doors and shit, now they’re learning how to…what’s the word? Emote? Is that what it’s called when you express emotions? Or fake emotions, in this case. Ugh, I don’t know, but this is fucked up. I mean, what are we supposed to do now? What happens if we see a person, and we think “oh, they might need help”, but instead it’s a fucking troll? What happens if it’s a child? How are we supposed to turn a blind eye on them, and risk them being in actual danger?

Up is down, folks. And left is fucking right. I don’t even fucking know anymore.

Abby and I were the only ones awake when they got here, and she wanted to wake up everyone to get the hell outta here, but I told her no. It’s too dangerous, for one thing. For another, it’d take at least an hour to get everyone up and ready to go. It would take us at least an hour to get to the next area, and we’re traveling with a 4 year old…and an infant.

She argued that staying here is just as dangerous. What if the trolls have managed to find a way to communicate? Scott said he killed the troll woman, so unless they have telepathy, we should be okay. If we find out they have telepathy, I’m just fucking done. I’m already done enough as it is, throw in shit like that, and I am fucking done.

The guys aren’t planning on sleeping anytime soon, so they’re taking watch, along with Abby. I told them to wake up someone if they decide they might be able to fall asleep.

They’re all under strict warnings not to say anything to the rest until we are out of town. I don’t want to risk any freakouts.

Scott asked about the scouts. Since they’re the ones keeping an eye out, they should know what to look for. I told him just to warn them not to talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter how human or friendly they look, we are avoiding everyone.

Which reminds me: we kinda split up again? Not like, split up completely, but we now have more departments, I guess you could say. I’m the “leader”, Mike is in charge of making sure stuff stays working, Abby takes care of the supplies, Jason takes care of the kids, Scott kills stuff and now Dave is in charge of the scouts. He’s their boss, I guess you could say.

Well, him and Ben both. Like, one of them stays with the group (us), while the other scouts with the others. Whoever stays with us is the one that decides who goes out next, and makes sure that everyone checks in like they’re supposed to.

I told Dave to go ahead and let Ben know about the new development, but Ben is the only one.

I think that’s everything. Time to sleep. It’s already on it’s way to one am. SwBridgette woke up a little bit ago, but she’s fed, changed, and on her way to la-la land again.

Goodnight folks.


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