Say ‘No’ to Zombies: Day 27-29

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

May 14th

7:41 pm

Yay! We have more food! Sorry, but I am so sick of ramen. I am honestly not sure what part of this mess I hate more – the whole flesh eating monsters bit, or the lack of a good variety when it comes to food.

We’re stopped at…okay, honestly, I’m not sure what this is. It’s like a mix between an office and a house. I dunno. I don’t particularly care either. It was a convenient stopping place, so here we are. The boys did a supply run earlier, so we’re good on food for at least a little while longer.

Meh. Abby is mad at me. I let her read the journal so far, and apparently, besides what little I said about her, there’s next to nothing about us. (Also, I’m not allowed to ship her and Dave. She says there’s nothing there. Methinks the lady doth protest too much, but we shall see. For now, the ship is still happily floating along.)

Anyway, I promised her I would include more about us. It makes sense. This could be all that survives any of us, and considering how far we’ve made it, I think we deserve to be remembered. Besides, I meant to do this before, but I kinda got sidetracked.

Abby took a vote, and I’m supposed to talk about me first, but I don’t really know what to say. I mean, it feels kinda like being at one of those AA things. “Hi, my name is Shelly. I’m in a zombie apocalypse.” (everyone else: “Hi Shelly.”)

So um, let’s see. My name is Michelle McElroy (no, my parents did not hate me, and yes, I’ve heard that joke before, thank you). My friends call me Shelly. I am 29 years old, and I was a graphic designer. Not a big name thing, but enough to make a living. I grew up in BFE North Carolina with my parents and my brother. My brother is happily married, I am happily single. Even more happy to be single now.

What else…um, you guys already know I lived in New York. I moved there a little over a year ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I enjoyed it. It was a nice change of pace from my little one-horse town, but with what’s going on, I kinda wish I had stayed home. Or at least closer to home, but I didn’t really have any reason to. I didn’t have a lot of friends there, and I couldn’t stand the guys in town, so…yeah. No reason to stay.

I don’t smoke, I don’t really drink anymore. I’m a fairly quiet person. Um…I like long walks on the beach? Fuck, I don’t know. I am just a very lucky woman who has managed to survive almost an entire month of the zombie apocalypse, and somehow gathered way too fucking many people along the way.

If you found this on a dead body, and the person has blonde hair, it’s probably me. Unless it’s a teenager. Melly’s the only other blonde woman in our little group (Abby and Gabby are both brunettes, Karla is grey, and Becca is black). On my tombstone, I want pepperoni, bell peppers, and onions. On the other tombstone, just the words “FUCK THIS SHIT!” will do. Sums it up pretty well, don’tcha think?

Ugh. I’m chompin’ at the bit. I had wanted to get a little further today before we stopped, but Micah kept complaining that the sun was giving him a headache. It wasn’t hot today, but it was pretty muggy, so Abby is worried about it being heat stroke or something. At least it’s still getting cold at night.

What else…oh, I talked to Melly earlier. Told her that we plan on leaving Micah with the next group of survivors we meet up with, if they’ll take him. She’s fed up with the way he’s acting, and said that she’d rather stay with us. I was surprised, to say the least. At her age, I figured she’d want to stay with someone she knows, but I guess he really has gotten on her last nerve. I just hope she doesn’t change her mind after we’re down the road. I’m not risking any of our people to escort her ass back to where ever we dump him.

There is literally nothing else to talk about. All we did was walk today. Besides Melly, I didn’t really talk to anyone today. Nothing exciting happened. We didn’t really run into anyone, or if we did, we didn’t see them. No one came out of the houses we passed, and we only went near the roads when we were crossing them, so no trolls. We’re kinda out in the boonies anyway, so we weren’t expecting a lot of trolls, but meh.

I dunno. This whole thing is a bit anti-climatic. The Walking Dead made it seem like everyday was some kind of big fight-to-the-death thing, and really, it hasn’t been like that. Except for the thing at West Point. That was scary, but I just…I dunno. Maybe I shouldn’t’ve said anything. Now we’re probably gonna be attacked every other friggen day. Ugh.

Me and my big mouth. I’m gonna go smack my head against a wall a couple times.



May 15th

11:47 pm

Oh my fucking God, I’m going to strangle that boy! We managed maybe five miles today. MAYBE. Micah spent the entire time bitching about his head hurting, the sun being too bright (how DARE the sun be bright!), the road was bumpy, he didn’t feel good, yadda fucking yadda.

Even Chloe got annoyed with him. She told him to shut up. Abby started to get onto her about it, but Dave stepped in. He jumped Micah’s case, told him it was ridiculous that a four year old was being better behaved than a fifteen year old, and if he didn’t stop his shit, he was going to toss Micah into the next group of trolls we come across.

Now he’s bitching about the sunburn he got today, which he could’ve avoided if he had put on sunscreen like he was supposed to this morning. He claims that he “forgot” about it. Probably because he was too busy bitching about everything, but whatever.

Ugh, I had to leave the room. I was about to nut punch him. I was already in a bad mood from having to stop so early yesterday, and then he starts this bullshit again today. I’m about ready to start actively looking for a new group of people to dump him on, instead of just hoping we come across a group.

We’re next to a river, so I was gonna send Scott and Josh out to hunt down some boats, but Josh says this isn’t the James River, so it wouldn’t do us any good. Josh offered to scout anyway, but it’s not really needed. We’re in a flattish area. There’s a bit of trees to one side, but across from us, it’s just field.  

Anyway, let’s see. Today is about Dave, Scott and Chloe Grost.

Scott and Dave are/were construction workers. Their parents live in Florida, they had a sister who died in a car wreck about four or five years ago. Hit by a drunk driver. Apparently that’s who Chloe is named after.

Oh, and here’s something interesting: Dave used to be a real trouble maker. Stealing cars, selling drugs, mugging people, the whole nine yards (which explains why he was able to hotwire the boats and stuff). His girlfriend was the same way.

Oh, yeah! I found out about Chloe’s mom. Her name is/was Denise (Dave and Denise, really?), and she’s either in jail or dead, not sure at this point. She had a…problem. Dave says they both did. He liked to drink too much, and she liked to try whatever new drug was on the market. From what I understand, they were never married. Just kinda fucked around together. Friends with benefits, I guess.

Anyway, when his sister died, Dave decided to stop drinking, and to get his life together. Stopped drinking, stopped selling. Scott got him a job where he worked. Then Denise found out she was pregnant, and went to rehab.

After Chloe was born, they split up. Dave stayed clean, but Denise ended up falling off the wagon. Dave didn’t find that out until one weekend when he went over to pick Chloe up for the weekend. He had tried calling and knocking on the door, but no one answered. Long story short, police were called, and then an ambulance. Denise had overdosed with Chloe in the same room. Legal fight, buncha bullshit, and Dave got custody of his girl.

Scott used to live on the other side of town, but when he heard what happened, he packed up and moved in to help out. He and Dave worked it out so that one of them would always be home when Chloe got out of daycare. He shuffled a lot to make things work out. I almost feel bad for calling him a dumbfuck earlier, but to be fair, he was being an idiot.

That’s all I know about them, and it’s almost 1 am now, so I guess that’s it for tonight. Need to get some rest before we head out tomorrow.

So help me…that boy starts whining again, I will shoot him where he stands, I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a troll mob.



May 16th

3:57 am

Scott woke me up about an hour ago. Micah started making weird sounds in his sleep. Scott went to check on him, and he was throwing up blood. Sound asleep, but a stream of blood was gushing out of his mouth. We woke everyone else up quietly and got them out of here. There’s a house right on the other side of the woods. They’re going to wait for us there.

Melly keeps surprising us. We offered to let her stay, and she kinda is? She didn’t want to stay in the house with him. Didn’t want to watch him turn, but doesn’t want him to think she deserted him either, so she’s outside keeping watch. She gave him a kiss on the forehead before she went.

Micah started waking up a little after she left. He knows what’s happening. He asked us to shoot him before he turned. He’s on the downward slide now. He keeps asking where Mel is. Gets pissed off and starts pacing, ranting and raving that she isn’t here. Then stops and says he’s glad she’s safe. Lays down, takes a nap, throws up a little more blood.

Rinse and repeat.

He’s staring out the window right now. She’s on the other side, staring back. They’re doing that make-you-cry bullshit from a movie. Hands against the glass, touching, but not really, and just. Ugh. I didn’t like him, but I didn’t want this.

Scott and I agree, next time he goes to sleep, it will be forever.


May 16th

4:34 am

It’s over.

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