Say ‘No’ to Zombies Day 15-19

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

May 2nd

10:46 pm

I couldn’t do it.

May 3rd

7:22 pm

Still cold. We’re across the river. I don’t want to write, but I need to. I offered to take first watch, but Karla said it’s her and Micah’s turn.

Yesterday…was not good. We came across a baby. Pretty little thing. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Pink dress. Flowered car seat.

She wasn’t dead.

She wasn’t alive.

She just sat there…little mouth moving like she wanted to sink her teeth into us. ‘Cept she didn’t have any teeth. She couldn’t’ve been more than a couple months old.

Scott went off. Said if he ever finds out that this was something our government created, he’ll torch DC to the ground. I can’t blame him. Who the fuck designs something to kill babies?

What if a fetus gets infected? Can a fetus be infected? Shit, I have to warn Anna, but how do you tell someone that the baby they’re carrying might eat them from the inside? Maybe it won’t be able to do any damage since it doesn’t have teeth, but they should be prepared anyway. I’ll have to think of a way to phrase it…

I didn’t know what to do with the baby. I just closed the car door. I couldn’t bring myself to…you know. I just couldn’t. Scott told me to go on ahead. I think he took care of it. I don’t know. I didn’t go back, and I’m not asking him.

Anyway, today was better than yesterday (not like it took much, I mean, really…). We did a lot of climbing, which was hell with the wagons, but we managed.

Abby said we’re getting low on food that isn’t ramen, so Dave and Scott are running into town. There’s a little quickie mart type store right across the field from us. Mike is watching their back. We’re right off the highway, and there’s a bunch of cars stuck gridlocked. A couple of the cars have trolls in them, but as long as they don’t figure out how to open the doors, we should be okay.

Mike says we should reach West Point tomorrow. We have a bunch of bridges in our future. I’m not looking forward to it.

The boys are back. Time for dinner. I need to do some route planning. I spent most of yesterday and today in a fog. I’m not even sure where we are.

Goodnight for now.

May 4th

9:16 pm

Well, that was fun. We didn’t reach West Point today. It started raining as we were packing up this morning. Nothing big, just a steady drizzle, but it was enough to be annoying, especially with it being so cold. We had hoped it would stop, but no luck. We did a poll: keep moving or stop for the day. The majority said to keep moving, so we did.

We stopped at a house for the night. No power, but it’s dry. We’re all in dry clothes, and everyone not on watch is curled up together in the middle of the living room. Yay for body warmth. Mike and I don’t have that luxury. We’re both curled up in our own windows with extra blankets. It’ll have to do for now. We get to go join the puppy pile here in a couple hours.

May 5th

6:45 pm

Still raining. Still no West Point. But we’re at the bridge. We’re going to have to run through West Point, so we’re spending today eating and resting.

Well, most of us are. Ben, Dave, Scott and Micah are out scavenging.

Ben pulled up google’s map of the road going through the town, and checked out the stores that are along the way. He and the other guys looked it over and made a “shopping list” of stuff they want to pick up. They ran it by me, and I gave them the go ahead. It’s all stuff that would be pretty useful, and they had a solid plan, so I didn’t really have any reason to say ‘no’.

I’m a little bit leery of them taking Micah, though. The boy doesn’t seem to have much sense, and what little sense he does have, seems to be centered around getting himself in trouble. He hasn’t apologized to Jason yet, so he’s still banned from the tents. I’m also thinking of banning him from any future puppy piles. Let him freeze until he gets it through his head that we’re in this together.

It’s been three hours since the guys left, and I haven’t heard anything back from them. Mike and Karla are on a side road watching the road. They’ve checked in every hour so far. It’s getting dark. If the boys aren’t back in the next hour, I’m pulling Mike and Karla back to base. I’m not going to risk them being out there after dark.


So. I found out why the guys were taking so long, and I was right about Micah. He got his ass in big trouble.

See, here was the plan:

The boys took the bikes, two duffel bags, and the little cart. Karla rigged up two cloth bags for the cart out of a couple fitted sheets she found in the closet here.

Dave, Scott and Ben would create a chain from the store to the highway. After the store was cleared of trolls, Dave and Scott would take turns packing a duffel bag full of supplies. When a bag was full, one of them would run the bag to Ben, while the other watched his back. Ben would run the bag to Micah, who was supposed to dump the duffel bag into the cart, and give it back to Ben. Then Ben would give the empty duffel bag back to Dave or Scott.

Once the cart was full, Micah would take the bike the cart was hitched up to, and bring it back to base. We would take the bag, dump it out on the floor here, and send it back with Micah. While that was going on, Ben would be loading up the second cloth bag. It shouldn’t’ve taken more than two or three hours.

So they get started, and things are fine at first. There’s a lot of trolls in the area, like we expected, but they were managing. Then, Ben brings Micah another full duffel bag…but Micah isn’t there. Thinking a troll must’ve gotten too close, and Micah had ran off somewhere, Ben goes running back to get Dave and Scott, so they can mount a rescue.

They searched that damn town for three hours, with the trolls just about every-fucking-where. Finally, they give up, and they head back to the bikes to come break the bad news, and what do they see?

Fucking Micah, climbing out of the backseat of one of the cars abandoned on the bridge. He had climbed in there to take a nap, instead of keeping an eye out on the bridge.

We’re trying to figure out a good punishment for him now. As it is, we’re going to be here an extra day, at least. While they were looking for Micah, they found a couple gas stations they hadn’t noticed on the map. They’re going to go back tomorrow and try to finish their “shopping.”

We’re also trying to figure out how we’re going to get through town. The trolls are really riled up. Dave and Scott had common sense enough to lead them away from the bridge before circling back, but it’s still going to be bad. Scott said it looks like the entire town is over-ran, but we really don’t have a choice. Boats aren’t an option at this point. There’s too many of us, and we have too much cargo.

The next closest bridge would require us backtracking almost all the way back to where we started from. It’s just not worth it.

Scott suggested staging an explosion on the far north side of the town and waiting for the south side to clear out, but I had to veto that one. We can’t guarantee that would work, and if a fire spreads, we could get caught it in just as easy as the trolls. Plus, that would require whoever set off the explosion to go into hiding almost immediately, which would put them at a higher risk of getting caught in the fire/explosion. Another ‘not worth it’ scenario.

We have a couple other ideas, but first we have to find out how distracted the trolls are, and where they’re gathered. That’s part of what the guys will be doing tomorrow. I’ll be doing the bike running tomorrow. Abby and Jason are going to be watching the road. Mike and Karla get to be in charge of the kids.

From the looks Mike’s been giving Micah, I’m interested in how this is going to go. Mike has a surprisingly evil mind.

Scott is on first watch with Micah and Jason. Abby says Jason has been appointed as Micah’s official babysitter. Jason has this smug ass grin on his face, and he ain’t even trying to hide it.

Ahh, karma.

May 6th

7:49 am

Richmond is gone.

On the upside, we no longer need a distraction. Scott went to investigate, and the trolls are all headed towards the explosions.

On the downside, we need to hurry up and get a move on. We don’t know if West Point is a big enough city to warrant a bombing, and we don’t want to risk getting caught in it if it is. We’re just gonna have to dodge our way through the city.

God, we can smell the smoke from here.


This is fucking terrifying.

Did you know West Point has a drawbridge? Cause um, we didn’t.

The guys said, just yesterday and earlier today, the bridge had looked normal. Today, the drawbridge is up. The trolls hit the end of the road, as it were, and started heading back into town.

Towards us.

We left the carts and ran into the nearest building, which – oh fun – had more trolls in it. We took care of them, and ten hunkered down and waited for the ones on the street to clear out. Now we’re camped on the bridge. Dave and Scott took a bunch of cars and blocked the way behind us. We’re hoping we’ll be able to signal whoever is in charge of the drawbridge so we can get by. We haven’t seen anyone yet though, so we might be fucked.

We have three people on watch tonight at all times. One on each side of the bridge, and one down by the car blockade. Not sure what we’ll do if the trolls actually attack us, but this is all we can do. No tents, in case we have to get up and get moving. Cold canned food for dinner tonight, oh yay!

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