Say ‘No’ to Zombies! Days 12-14

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

April 29th

8:30 pm

First night camping in the woods. Fucking cold. Too cold not to have a fire. Not sure how far from the nearest city we are, so we’re all a little on edge.

The tent with the kids and Abby looks like a puppy pile. It’s cute. There’s nothing to say. I’m on first watch with Scott. I’m not sure if I’m happy with myself for letting everyone sleep as much as they could today or not. We all needed it, but now we’re stuck in the cold.

Dammit. I can’t write anymore. Nothing really happened anyway.



April 30th

9:12 pm

In a house again. We’re not alone. Two teenagers (I think). Micah and Melly. Not twins, despite their names. Not even siblings, though they fight like it.

It’s Micah’s house, or rather, his family’s. One of the rooms is nailed shut. Micah refuses to discuss it, but it’s easy to guess what happened. Every once in awhile, we’ll hear a thumping sound from the room.

I’m not sure how Melly ended up at Micah’s house. She’s been more upfront about her family. Her mom was one of the first victims. Melly said she woke up to her dad screaming. She called 911, and the dispatcher told her to get to somewhere safe and barricade herself til someone could get to her. I don’t know if Micah’s house was her idea of a “safe place” or if he came and got her, or what.

I’m not on watch tonight, so I’ll be going to bed soon. Just waiting for our “hosts” to get out of the room I’m supposed to be using. They’re in there arguing over whether they should join us or not.

Here’s the kicker though: we didn’t ask them to join us.

Okay, we didn’t really ask Mike and Karla either, but it was at least mentioned. These two though…I don’t know. I don’t think I’d be able to tell them ‘no’ if they decide they want to come along. They’re too young for me to feel right about leaving them behind. They look like they’re only about 14 or 15.



Sorry, Scott wanted to talk it over.

If the kids want to join us, they can. With Abby still somewhat out of commission, we could use the extra hands. They’ll have to earn their keep though. They’ll be helping pull the wagon and wrangle the younger kids. They’ll start taking watch, and if they’re fast enough, they might even start helping out with the scouting.

They only have until around 9am to make up their minds. We leave at 10am. If they’re not ready, they don’t get to come.

We’ll see how it goes in the morning. They’ve moved their discussion downstairs, so it’s bedtime for me.


May 1st

7:55 am

Well. We’re all awake. There’s a weird feeling in the air, and Scott said the sky up north looks “off”, whatever that means.

Kinda afraid to just sit here in the house, but more afraid to be out there on the streets. At least if we stay here, we can turn on the TV and see if there’s any news.


8:26 am

They bombed New York City. And Staten Island. They’re bombing all of the major cities. It’s “Step 1” of the containment measures. “Step 2” is sending in ground units to mop up what’s left of the trolls. They haven’t said what will happen if that doesn’t work, and I’m trying not to think about it. Especially since they were so quick to assure us that the bombs used were not nuclear.

We heard fighter jets go overhead about 5-10 minutes ago, didn’t see which way they were going though.

Micah says the nearest “big city” is either Norfolk or Richmond. There’s also Baltimore and DC, but I doubt they’ll bomb DC.

My main concern are the other two places. I looked at our maps, and we’re right between them.

Karla and Scott are helping Micah and Melly pack a backpack now. We’ve already gone through the cabinets/pantry. Wasn’t much to add to our stock, unfortunately. Just cereal, really, but we’ll take what we can get.

We leave as soon as they’re ready.


9:05 am

They’re ready. We’re leaving.


8:28 pm

Well, I finally got my wish to learn more about the trolls. The house we’re camping in has two floors. We came in through the garage. Scott and Dave went into the main house and came back out to get me.

Three trolls. Two women and a man. They were at the bottom of a flight of stairs, so our guess is that they started out on the second floor and fell.

The man was crawling around on the floor like a worm, both legs broken. The first woman was just laying there, mouth moving. Her neck was at a strange angle, we assume it’s broken. The other woman was stumbling around on a broken leg. The man and the second woman looked like they tried to stand on their broken legs, and the bones popped through the skin. None of them had bite marks, so they must’ve all changed around the same time.  


  • Hunting:
    • Senses:
      • They don’t seem to register touch right. We had Scott go around behind one and poke at it with a bat. It didn’t react until he really started to jab at it.
      • Reacts to bright lights, and movement against the light. If the light is low enough, it should be easy to sneak past them without being seen.
        • I don’t know if they can see what is moving, but they were able to follow our movement if we passed between them and a light source.
      • Reacts very strongly to sound.
        • We made noise downstairs while Scott snuck upstairs. Once he was up there, we stopped making noise. As he moved upstairs, they began trying to follow his path downstairs. When he stopped moving, they started heading for the garage where everyone else was waiting.
      • Also has strong reaction to scent.
        • Found this one out on accident. There was one of those automatic air freshener things downstairs. It went off, and the trolls smelled it before we did.
          • **Note** Brainstorm ‘scent bomb’ ideas.
      • Couldn’t really test their sense of taste.
    • Seems to be able to tell the difference between other trolls and humans. Not currently desperate enough to test camouflage a la troll guts.
    • Does not appear to feed on other trolls. (note the lack of bite marks on the trolls found)
  • Movement
    • As already noted, they don’t seem to do stairs very well. At one point, they did try to go up the stairs, but were unable to do so because of the broken bones.
    • Spinal damage seems to affect them the same way it does humans.
    • They do not seem to register pain, so broken limbs do not slow them down where it counts.
      • Exposure to fire or chemicals is also unlikely to have any effect.
  • Appearance
    • At first glance, they do not really appear any different than humans.
      • This is ignoring the bones sticking out of the skin, and limbs hanging at unnatural angles.
      • Stomachs are hollowed out, possibly due to lack of food.
      • Eyes appear to be clouding over.
        • It’s been over two weeks since this started, so this is a bit of a surprise. Shouldn’t they be completely clouded by now??
      • Does not appear to have started decaying.
        • Side note: WTF?!
  • Other
    • Blood around wounds appears to be black and gives off a weird smell. Did not notice this in previous encounters, but matches with what the coast guard guy told us of the symptoms.

I had to cut my “experiments” short so we could get rid of them and clean up before we let the kids in.

We had a lot more luck when it came to food here. There weren’t any canned meals in the pantry, but there was a bunch of meat and leftover stews in the freezer. I wish I could’ve asked for the recipe of the beef stew we found. It was good.

Melly volunteered for first watch with me.

We put some of the other frozen food packs we found on to cook. We’re letting them slow cook through the night. We found a couple thermoses. I think they’re supposed to be for coffee, but we’re gonna use them to carry food with us tomorrow. We’ll have some of the food for breakfast, and carry the rest to eat as we travel.

Oh, we found some crossbows and hunting stuff in an outdoor shed. We have no idea how to use any of it, but we packed it up anyway. The power here is on, but the internet isn’t, so we can’t even look up how to use anything. Very frustrating.

Jason is trying to show Micah how to pitch a tent. Micah isn’t listening though. He keeps making faces at Jason whenever he’s not looking. He’s acting like this is a game. He’s not going to find it very amusing when he’s stuck sleeping without a tent. I’ve already told the others not to help him.

HA! Jason caught him in the act. He just asked me if he could ban Micah from the tents until he apologized. Permission fucking granted.

Micah is pissed. I love it. Time for watch. Goodnight.

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