[Say ‘No’ to Zombies] Day 11.

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

April 28th


Let’s not do that again.

I’m not sure where we are. I know we’re on the other side of the bay, but that’s it. We’re in a house again. I just woke up. Mike is still sleeping. i’m not sure where Abby is, but I imagine she’s still out as well.

I will try to go over what all happened, but there’s a lot to talk about and I was pretty dead on my feet most of the time, so some of it is a bit fuzzy. Bear with me here…

After the talk with Dave and Scott, Ben and I hopped on the bikes. It took us about an hour to get back to Mike’s house. They had gave us their keys, so we tossed the bikes in the back of the truck, and drove back. It took a while to get the kids situated and the wagons in the back of the truck, then Abby took over the SUV and Karla took the truck.

Note to self: never let Abby drive again.

She’s used to driving in NYC, and it shows. She saw a gas station and just about dumped me out of my seat. We added to our ramen and canned food stock, so I’m not entirely pissed off about it, but damn, woman! A little warning?!

We came across a couple other gas stations on the way, enough that it’s going to be a challenge to pack it all up, but still a good thing. None of us are hunters, so we have to make do with what we have. I just wish the cans weren’t so heavy.

We weren’t able to drive the whole way. Neither car had a full tank. We ended up walking a good 4 miles before Scott called asking what the hell was taking so long. He drove the car out to meet us, we used the cords to tie the wagons to the back of the car, and we stuffed ourselves in the car. We had to drive really slow, but it was still faster than walking.

When we got to the boat, we had another dilemma. It was too small for all of us to fit all at once. It took some figuring, but we finally came up with a plan.

The boat didn’t have a full gas tank, but Scott figured there would be just enough for at least 2 trips across the bay and back. The bay is big, but not too big, as he put it. He didn’t want to risk taking the kids in case something happened, so he took the big guns. Dave, Mike, Ben, and Karla. Okay, so Karla isn’t a “big gun”, but he was trying to take as many people as he could all at once, without leaving the kids undefended. So he got all the adults except for Abby and I, basically.

Normally, that would’ve set up a red flag, but he left Chloe with us and the supplies, so I let him go.

He came back, ugh, about two hours later? Somewhere in there. Had Ben with him. We loaded up the wagons, and Timmy and Jason went with him this time. Found out later, Jason snuck one of the molotovs with him. Scott said they tried to leave him with Karla when they unloaded the wagons, but he refused. Said that he was going to make sure Scott went back for his mama, and if Scott tried to pull anything funny, he’d throw the bottle right at his head and let him burn.

So yeah. Scott let him come along for the ride back. You should’ve seen him. He came off of that boat looking all triumphant like he just won an epic battle or something, and told Abby what he’d done.

Then Abby puts on the “mom” face and asked him where the hell he got a lighter. Wiped that smile right off his face. Apparently Scott neglected to inform him that the molotovs require a lighter or a match to actually work.

I think Scott redeemed himself though. He had Jason gather a bunch of rocks while the rest of us loaded up the bags from the gas station, and went over some tips of how to use the cocktails (pro tip 1 (according to Scott): don’t aim for the head. Small target, and the person can just duck. Aim for the ground in front of the person. The alcohol goes everywhere, and if you’re lucky enough to get right at the feet, then the person has more to worry about then you running away).

I think they went over it a bit more, but I spent most of the time drifting in and out while we were on the boat. Woke up real quick when I heard the gunshot.

We found a few more survivors. Or, rather, they found us.

It wasn’t a pleasant meeting (in case you couldn’t tell from the gunshot). All that time I was worried about bandits on the bridges and tunnels, and we managed to find them in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.

Abby got Chloe down on the floor behind her, Ben and Scott had Jason behind them. I got shoved behind Jason, which, normally would’ve pissed me off, but it put me closer to the box of molotovs, so hey. Win.

I couldn’t make out all that was said, but I got the gist. They wanted our food. Obviously we couldn’t just hand it over…we need our food. Scott tried offering a couple cartons of cigarettes instead. Asshole-in-Charge counter-offered with a bullet. I lit one of the molotovs and handed it to Jason so I could get another one ready. I had just grabbed the next one when I heard another gunshot. Abby screamed and Jason kinda freaked out.

One minute, he was crouched down next to me, the next, he was past Ben and Scott, and the molotov was flying through the air.

The boy can aim. It hit the ground at Asshole’s feet and shattered. There was a lot of shouting and people scrambling on the other boat. Scott took advantage of the distraction and got us out of there. Ben yanked off his shirt and wrapped it around Abby’s arm. I held onto Ben with one arm, and the side of the boat with the other. We bounced around so much, we lost a bag of food from the gas station, but we got to shore in (mostly) one piece.

We got Abby to the house with everyone else and started patching her up. The bullet went straight through, but we don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad. There was a lot of blood, and we’re not doctors, so we’re not sure if she lost too much, or what. We just have to wait and see.

Karla stitched up the wounds with her sewing kit. We didn’t have time to sterilize the needle, so we dug out the z-packs and made Abby choke down the two starter pills first. Once Karla started stitching, Abby passed out. Mike and Scott are worried about her slipping into shock. I don’t really know anything about that stuff, but Scott said that she’s in more danger from shock than the bullet wound itself.

So, yeah. We have three people on watch now. Dave is at one end of the house, keeping an eye on Abby and the docks. Jason was on the other side of the house, watching the road and the water from there, and Scott was watching the road out front.

I took over for Jason, but now he’s watching the front so Scott can make me some ramen. As soon as that’s done, Jason is off to bed. Scott and Dave are going to stay up a while longer. They’re the ones who got the most rest last night, so they’re trying to let everyone else catch up a little.

When Mike wakes up, he’ll take over for one of the boys, I guess. Probably Dave.


Food is good. Food is great. Scott is a pain in my ass, but has somewhat decent ideas.

I had to ask him about the whole shoving me behind Jason thing. I didn’t think he meant it just to get me closer to the weapons, and I was halfway right.

It’s the whole “protect the cheerleader” crap. Since I’m the one with the plans, I’m the one who needs to make it, no matter what the situation is, apparently. I kinda understand. They don’t want any chance of me getting caught or killed because I’m the only one who can lead them to what they consider “safety.”

That doesn’t mean I like it. We can’t afford for any one of us to sit the shit out. So tomorrow, once we’re all awake (or most of us anyway), I’m going to outline the route to everyone else. Just in case something happens to me.

Need to keep an eye on the road/water now.


Abby is awake. In pain, dizzy and weak, but awake. We tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she wants us to get further away from the coast first.

The wagons are fully packed, we took the bikes out so Abby can ride and rest.

The roads here are completely deserted. Mike and Ben scouted ahead a couple blocks. They said there’s houses with lights on, but no cars. Creepy as fuck, if you ask me. We’re waking up Dave and Scott in about half an hour. We’re gonna try to get out of here by 5am.


What to say. We’re stopped. Waiting for Ben and Scott to report in. We have them scouting out a couple different ways we can go from here, and

Okay, one way is out of the question. Dead end. Scott is on his way back.

We are literally parked in the middle of a road. Before we left the house, I turned on my phone and checked out Google maps. We’re on an island in Virginia. There’s one road off the island, and it’s a bridge. We have a pretty straight shot to the bridge, but I’m hoping for another boat, hence the scouting.

So far we haven’t found a single car or boat. Have I mentioned how creepy that is yet? Cause yeah. creepy.

And Dave just reported in. No boats that way either. Onward we go. Abby is curled up in the wagon, passed out again. We made her take another antibiotic and a…something I can’t spell without looking at the bottle. It’s something for pain.

Scott is here. We’re moving again. Dave says he’ll catch up with us. As slow as we’re going, I’m sure he will.


Good news: we found out where all the cars went.

Bad news: they’re being used to block the bridge.

Still haven’t found the boats, but I’m beginning to wonder if the boaters we ran into before are part of this bunch.

Ah, I stand corrected. Dave found a boat shop, but he doesn’t know if any of the boats there would be able to handle all of us, and if those boaters are with these guys…we’re not really in fighting shape at the moment.

Time to start scheming.


To the people of Gwen (sp?) Island: you guys are amazing, and I hope you outlive the Zombie Fucktopolypse.

We’re at a hotel on the mainland. We have a shitload of walking to do tomorrow, but we’re making it. I’m tired (what else is new?), so I’m going to keep this short.

Regarding the scheming: unnecessary.

Regarding the cars: brilliant!

The island has a fire station. From what I understand, the day the shitstorm started, the captain had his men block the bridge at both ends, and started making their way through the town, getting rid of the trolls and securing the wounded. Once that was done, they moved the trucks away and started evacuating as many people as they could from the mainland onto the island. When they had as many people as they could take in, the trucks went back into place.

I asked the captain if he had any complaints about the bridge being blocked. He said he did at first. People wanted to leave to go to their families, but then the news started pouring in, and suddenly things weren’t so bad. The only complaints they heard after that was the concern of a fire. If there was a fire on the island, either the bridge would have to be left open, or the people would have to form a bucket brigade.

So one of the other islanders came up with the idea of parking all of the cars on the bridge (and the area surrounding it), so the trucks could stay where they are needed.

It’s not a wall, but it’s the next best thing. They also have people on watch 24/7, switching between the islanders every night. The house we stayed in last night belongs to the group that was on watch. We apologized for the bloody mess we left, they took it pretty well, all things considered.

Anyway, the captain didn’t mind us wanting to leave the island, but he refused to unblock the bridge, so we had to wait for the fishing boats to come back. While we waited, he checked Abby’s arm. The stitches aren’t pretty, but he said Karla did a good job for it being her first time. He couldn’t spare any alcohol or iodine, not with them being cut off the way they are, but he recommended we get ahold of some ASAP, and make sure to keep the wound clean.

I asked him about the boaters we ran into. He said he knew there were boaters out there, but that they had never attacked his men. Most of the time, they stick to the other side of the bay. He’s gonna talk to the fishing crew about it. They might have to start sending out guards with the boats. The islanders are working on getting a couple good farms going on, but until they start bringing in enough food for everyone, they have to rely on the fish and crabs the boats bring in.

So, yeah. The boat captain gave us directions to a rent house type place….thing, dammit! It’s a place to stay for the night, and it was only about a mile down the road. He wasn’t sure if it would be empty or not, but he said it would have plenty of room for all of us, so once he dropped us off, we got moving.

I…think we found it? Not sure. We’re in a house, and it’s warm and I’ve had my dinner and I’ve wrote my piece, so now it’s bed time.


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