[Say ‘No’ to Zombies!] Day 7

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

Please note: this work of fiction involves a lot of swear words/cussing and adult themes. Kiddos beware.

April 24th

6:13 am
Sorry, fell asleep after dinner.

It’s raining its ass off. Met the owners of the house. It was all good. They’re not trolls. They’re an older couple, but they’re active. Mike loves boats, so him and Ben hit it off quick. Karla rolled her eyes at the men, and started assigning rooms and figuring out what to cook real quick for dinner.

Turns out, as soon as the trolls started showing up,  they packed up their boat and went to hang out in the middle of the bay for a while. They were only coming back to the house cause the storm was rolling in.

We told them about our plans to head south. They’re thinking of joining us. They’re supposed to let me know when they wake up. We’re going to be here for a couple days, regardless. Mike is a lot like my dad. He likes to build stuff by hand. I was complaining about trying to cart all our stuff through the woods, and how Chloe is going to slow us down (don’t look at me like that! I didn’t say that with the kids standing right there, sheesh!).

Mike says he might be able to help us out. He showed me a yard cart he built last year. It’s easily big enough for us to use as a type of wagon. He said if we give him a day or two, he should be able to make another one. He has all the stuff he needs (his neighbor had just asked him to make one for her husband before the FUBAR happened), he just hasn’t had the time to do it yet.

It would be a huge help. Even just one of the wagons would be good. We could put the suitcases in there, and still have room for Chloe to ride in it. If we had two, we could split up the luggage and Timmy and her could both ride.

I’m just worried about the noise attracting the wrong kind of attention. Drills and saws aren’t exactly quiet, but it might be worth it to have the extra wagon.

We just have to get everything else done before he starts using the big guns.

Chloe’s awake. Time to see what I can scrounge up for breakfast.


10:20something, the clock is too far away to tell what the last number is.

Thought of a way to get around some of the noise problem. Karla suggested moving the power tools and materials into the basement. We just have to move enough stuff out of the way to give him room to work. As soon as her and Abby are done eating, we’re gonna get started on that, while the guys help Mike move the stuff from the garage into the basement.

They’ve decided to join us, so we’re up to 10 people. The only reason I’m not pulling my hair out is because at least these two will be helpful. Even Scott approves.

I get to help Mike build the wagons. Okay, we all kinda get to help. Mike has a couple cans of stain that is supposed to help keep water out. He wants an extra coat put on the wagon he already built, so the guys get to do that while Abby helps Karla pack. I’d help with the packing, but I’m going to be working with Mike on the other wagon (being a daddy’s girl really paid off. The look on Scott’s face when Mike assigned him to the “easy” job…priceless). I’m no expert, but I know a table saw from a circular saw, so ha!

Oh, and apparently Mike and Karla go camping and kayaking just about every year. Their neighbors used to go with them, but the man – Jack? Jake? something like that – had a major heart attack last fall and the doctors told him those days are over. Karla said Jack/Jake’s wife had just told her last month that her husband wouldn’t let her toss out their camping gear, so it’s shoved in their garage somewhere. David, Ben and Scott are going to take the wagon and run over to the neighbors house before they put the extra layer of stain. The idea is to check on the neighbors, and depending on how things go, we’ll either have two more people in our group, or we’ll have extra supplies.

I’m not entirely sure which result I’m rooting for. Does that make me a bad person? Cause I kinda think it does, but at the same time, I just want to fucking survive this shit.

They’re done eating.


3:33 pm

We’re mostly done. The second wagon is in the garage getting its first stain coat. The metal plate already had the holes drilled, but we still need to bolt it to the frame. We’re going to wait a little bit before we do that though. Abby and Karla are done packing up the stuff upstairs and have already brought down everything to the living room so it’s ready to go.

The guys just came in from the garage. Dave and Scott are going to get up around midnight and put another stain coat on wagon 2, so in the morning, all Mike and I have to do is attach it to the base and we’ll be ready to roll.

Karla is double checking the gear from the neighbors house. She took out the inflatable double bed at first, but I told her to hold onto it. We might have to cross a few streams and rivers, and we might be able to use them to float the wagons across. We’ll have to unload them first, of course, but it might work. We’re trying to decide how to attach ropes to the mattress without poking any holes in it. Super glue maybe, but I don’t know if I trust it to be strong enough for this.

We now have enough sleeping bags for everyone, and even one extra. We also have enough tent space, a camp stove (we’ll have to take the propane tanks from the boats), and some good rope.

And a rake. Mike’s idea. I forgot about it, but it’ll be good to have when we have to set up camp.

Storm is still going strong.

Nothing else to write about. Maybe after dinner.



The power started flickering in the middle of dinner, so Mike and I went ahead and finished putting the wagon together. Dave and Scott are still going to put another coating on it, they’re just gonna work around where it’s attached to the bottom.

Jason and Ben are taking first watch. When Dave and Scott are done with the wagon, they’ll take over. Abby and Karla are cooking as much of the food still leftover in the fridge as possible, before they head to bed. They already grabbed trash bags and bagged a bunch of ice.

Oh, we have a cooler now. Forgot about that. And our phones are all charged. I called my dad. Josh and Anna made it to the house earlier today. They had to take it slow but they’ve always been pretty active, so their idea of “slow” is a bit skewed.

I told dad about the group. He said, with so many people traveling, we’d better get our hands on a bottle of bleach. Apparently you can purify water with a few drops of bleach. We just have to make sure we use the gallon jugs for that, and then pour them into the smaller bottles. That will help a lot though. I know there’s a lot of creeks and stuff between here and home, so we don’t have to worry as much about running out of water anymore. When I told Abby, she did a little dance at the stove.

She’s taking her role of “inventory management” pretty seriously, so this makes things a lot easier. She got a notebook from Karla to start keeping track of how much food and water we have. Since we’re eating out of the fridge/cupboard here, we don’t have to worry about running out of food just yet. With two more adults, that will, of course change, but for now we’re good. If we stick to squatting in houses whenever we can, we should be able to make our food last a while. It’s just the nights when we have to camp that are going to be rough.

Nothing else to add for now. Goodnight.

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