[Say ‘No’ to Zombies!] Day 1

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April 15th

Day 1

If you’re reading this, either we’ve all survived or you found this in a room scattered with dead bodies, and I am among them.


If I’m not, you know, sneaking up behind you right now. I don’t know how this crap started or how it spreads, so it’s entirely possible that I am not fully dead, in which case…oops?

Well, what do you want from me? I’m writing this, curled up in a corner of the room, listening to screams and the sound of people running outside my apartment. I don’t know what the fuck is happening, all I know is what I can see from my window.

Which, okay, is mostly people running around screaming and cars gridlocked. Occasionally, I’ll see a man or a woman stumbling along. If I hadn’t caught the news this morning, I would’ve just assumed they were drunk.

By the way, The Walking Dead got it wrong. There is no military movement out there. There aren’t cops running around trying to do jack shit. And I’m pretty sure the hospital staff all ran for the hills. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but I haven’t seen any ambulances or heard any sirens, so that’s what I’m assuming.

Annnnnd, you’re probably confused as fuck right now, okay let me back up.

Friday night, I went to bed around 2 am. Everything was normal.

Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of screams. Not unusual, considering some of my neighbors, but not an everyday occurrence either. Usually they manage to work out their…issues…pretty quick, but after about an hour, I kinda figured something wasn’t right.

I knew better than to open my front door to see what was going on. I’ve watched enough horror movies to know that that doesn’t ever end well. So I pushed my couch to block my door and turned on the TV instead.


First thought: you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Second: no, seriously, you’re fucking kidding, right?

Third: …fuck.

And that’s when I sprang into what little action I could take. Took me a nice hot shower, cause who knows how long the hot water is going to last. Started filling up all the bottles I could find with water. Dug out my suitcase with wheels, duffel bag, and backpack and started stocking them with things I would need.

Fortunately for me, my family likes camping enough that I have a set of pots and pans designed for cooking on the go. I shoved that, all of the cans of food I could find, a couple bowls and a can opener into the suitcase, as well as a bunch of silverware and bottles of water. Pretty much, all the heavy stuff that I wouldn’t want to carry on my back got shoved in there. The duffel bag has clothes in it, and soap. I dumped my medicine cabinet into the backpack, a couple more bottles of water, a bowl and all the ramen I could fit.

Now that I’m thinking about it, that doesn’t make much sense. I meant for the backpack to carry the stuff I didn’t want to lose, but what use is ramen without a pan to cook it in? Okay, time to rearrange shit. Collapsible pots and pans are going into the backpack along with the ramen. They’re not that heavy, so it should be fine. I moved the bowl back to the suitcase. I can just eat the ramen out of the pan.

Shit, no fork.

You know the best part of writing this shit down, instead of trying to record it? No one has to sit through annoying pauses while I run around rearranging crap.

So yeah, now I have a couple forks in the backpack, too. Batteries! I need batteries! And flashlights…candles would good. Okay. I think I’m good now. Batteries, flashlights, candles, matches. I have this wide belt that I’m cutting holes in to hold knives and a hammer.

Dammit, I just remembered…I have one of those hiking backpacks. If I use that, I could pack a tent, too. Shelter would be good, though I’m not exactly planning on leaving anytime soon.

I’ll have to think about it.



The first couple days were pretty much the same as that Saturday morning. Lots of screaming and running, people on tv were saying that it’s the end of the world. Still no news on how exactly this started. The only thing the different stations agree on is that it happened, literally, overnight. People went to bed, and woke up…zombies.

They don’t know if the people died in their sleep and the zombie virus/gene/mutation/whatthefuckever kicked in, or if the whatthefuckever doesn’t care about your living state when it takes over.

What we do know (in a nutshell):

  • we’re fucked.


  • it’s global. There are outbreaks everywhere.
  • they don’t just go for your brains. They’ll eat any part of you they can get to.
  • The zombies can be stopped if you either destroy the heart or the brain (brain works best).
  • No one is safe. There are just as many kid zombies as grandparents. No babies yet, but that might just be a matter of time.
  • It does seem to be spread through bites, though that it doesn’t appear to be the only way.
  • Already dead people stay dead. There’s no reports of people crawling out of the ground or anything (thank god).

I’m still trying to figure out why the military isn’t out there shooting the zombies as they find them. It seems like it would make sense, but oh no, we can’t have that, can we? Fucking idiots.

At least the screaming in the hallway finally died down. I haven’t heard anyone running around in the halls for the past couple hours either. I figure they’ve already fled. Fat chance of them actually sitting their ass down and listening to the people on tv telling them not to panic. Yay for mob mentality?

I don’t know, but I’m really liking this ‘write shit down’ business. I’ve stopped writing three or four times in the past page to go eat and stuff and I bet you didn’t even notice. See how much boring shit I’m saving you from putting up with? (You’re welcome.)

Ah hell, someone is screaming again. And…they stopped. Well, that’s not worrying as fuck or anything. I think I’ll move a couple more things in front of my door. Just to be safe.


I just re-read what I was writing, and I should probably explain. Today is Tuesday. I know it says “day 1” up there, and it kinda was? I’ve been writing as I go. I guess it should say “day 4”, but that doesn’t sound quite as…I don’t know. Exciting?

Besides, it’s not like it really matters. I don’t care, and I kinda doubt you do.

Okay, so anyway. It’s day 4, but it’s staying day 1. Dammit. Day 4 and the only thing that has changed is  the thumping sound I’ll hear every once in a while next door.

Oh, right. I’m in New York. City. Did I mention I live in an apartment? Shit, I don’t remember. But yeah. I do. Eighth floor. Surprisingly enough, it’s not a bad place to be in case of a zombie apocalypse. Especially this high up. I have five other neighbors on this floor. One on each side of me, and three others across the hall. The apartment I keep hearing thumps from belongs to a single mother and her two boys. I’ve only seen them a couple times but they’re cute kids. I’m just really hoping the thumping is them playing and not…ugh. I’m not even going to think about it.

Power is still on. Water is still running clear. I’m eating the last of this mac-n-cheese, drinking the last bit of milk and then going to bed. My belt is about as done as it’s going to get, and it’s time to start exploring outside my apartment. If my neighbors are gone like I think they are, there’s probably plenty of perishable food in their apartments. I’d rather finish that food off before I start making a dent in my canned food stash.

Goodnight world. Hopefully I’ll be back for Day 5 2.


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