[When Love Dies] Blooper.

Okay, so one of my beta readers, Erwin, is obsessed with Vikings. He’s constantly suggesting I add more vikings to whatever I’m writing, regardless of  genre/format/etc.. Don’t ask me, I don’t get it. I like the mythology, runes, and the way Chris Hemsworth looks as Thor, but that’s where my interest ends.

Anyway. So while writing Chapter 2 of When Love Dies, I came to a block in the flow, and Erwin once again started suggesting that I add vikings. This is what came from that. Enjoy.

(Spoilers for Chapter 2)

Comfort smacked Erwin upside his head. “Vikings are stupid and smell funny.”

I nodded in agreement. “Definitely stupid and good lord, the smell!”

Love glared at both of us over his shoulder. “Guys, seriously? This is supposed to be a serious moment!”

“Yes, and vikings seriously smell and are seriously stupid.” Comfort retorted.

“Isn’t that a bit besides the point though?” Love craned his neck, trying to see the base of his wings. “You guys are supposed to be pointing out that I have some freaky lumps or stuff growing, remember? We can talk about the big dumb and ugly vikings later!”

On the plus side, it helped me through the block. Yay for Erwin?

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