prickling stings my eyes, and I’m not quite sure what to say,
you were always there beside me, now I must turn away.
it’s not what I want to do, I can barely see in front of me,
but I know the best thing for you, is for me to set you free.
So I will bear this burden, alone as I have never been before,
and I will hide the pain it causes, the tears that would fall to the floor,
I will refrain from reaching out to catch you, when you stumble towards the light,
I will stop myself from holding you, when your tears keep you awake at night,
I will turn away when you think you need me most; and be there when you need someone to blame,
when you fling the words ‘I hate you!’, I’ll shield you from my pain,
and you when you finally realize what I’ve done for you, I’ll hope you understand.
That when you’re ready, and willing to forgive, I’ll pray I’m still worthy to take your hand.

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