The World and You

Looking into the mirror,
I try to see myself,
but it’s so unclear,
behind the words view,
and yours
where am I?

Trying to search myself,
to see what others see,
but the truth,
I fear…
maybe worse than I can bear,
fear becomes…
stronger than I

Hiding behind pain,
blood red stripes upon my skin.
Red over white,
where others had once been..
I do it to forget the fear,
but all they do is show,
the deeper scars within.

Scars brought on by you,
my friends try to cover,
Fears brought on by the world,
and flaws left to discover.
But all through this,
all I can do is wonder
who are you?

Who are you to judge me,
to tell me how to look?
Who are you to make me,
your twisted idea of perfect?
WHO are you?
Who am I?

You’ve made me forget,
who I am,
what I do,
What I love,

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