Invisible Hands

The edges of the leaves,
and the purple mountains afar,
I see them;
admire them,
while wishing on a star.

I watch the wind draw patterns in the sands,
watch the way You shape things,
with Your invisible hands.
I watch You make what artists call “masterpieces”
and know that You’re just doodling;
doodling with invisible hands.

I watch people with their families,
I see the blue in a baby’s eye,
and the golden sun in her hair..
and know that Your invisible hands were there.

I watch my mother,
hair greyed with age,
still playing and laughing
still paying You homage,
still changing with every move
of Your invisible hands.

Now, watching all this
knowing all this;
I pray only this:
Protect me, Oh Father above,
Hold me tight
Hold me with love,
Hold me forever;
in Your invisible hands.

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