Alright Karma…that’s enough of that now.

All those times of me laughing at my sister when they thought she was my mother just came around and bit me on the ass.

Went shopping with my roommate/boss and her two children (I’m a live-in nanny) yesterday. To make things a little easier on the mom, we split up in the store, and I took the little girl (9) with me, while she took her son (5). The little girl was messing with something by the counter, so I got onto her about it, and explained why she shouldn’t mess with it.

Cashier leans over and tells the girl “You have a smart mama.”



  • Yes but I’m only 13 yrs older… you’re like 20 yrs older than her. And “the mom voice” is recognized world wide instinctively. I’m waiting for when you open your mouth and something I say/said falls out…. and KARMA is when YOU have kids and you worry and they rip your heart out

    And!!! When you have a child that’s just like you… on that day I will literally pee myself laughing… ask Carina about her daughter… As Aunt Shelva said… now you know how I FELT… when you did that to me!


    • I didn’t even USE the mom voice though ;_; I was in “Aunt Tiffany” mode 😛

      and no, that’s for when Karma comes after me on MOM’S behalf, and she’s already been making stops by for that. Mom STILL gets the gigglefits anytime I go over something new the kids have done.

      and please, I was on the phone WITH mom when I opened my mouth and heard her come out. She snickered for a good 5 minutes later, before she got distracted trying to remember where SHE learned the phrase from.

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      • awesome… lol! My day is infinitely brighter now. Kids are awesome and horrible at the same time.

        Then when they grow up and bandage a boo boo and then completely surprise you by then kissing it.

        Your heart lurches and you realize they are freaking fantastic… until they say they don’t want kids of their own and they want to move 1/2 across the country to some godforsaken place you can’t stand.

        Ahhhhh motherhood….

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