Sometimes, you just need someone to be there. Someone to hold you close, take your face between their hands, gently kiss your cheeks to hide your tears from the few who care enough to look ((but not enough to just be there)).

When your mind is broken, and your heart is screaming; someone to shake you out of it, to still your hands on the blade, to let you shout out your anger while clinging, helpless and sobbing, raging against the flesh and blood cage they’ve wrapped around you.

Someone to whisper, soft and urgent, “It’s alright, you’re going to be ok, so please…don’t cry anymore, ok? it’s not over yet, the world hasn’t can make it, if you just hold on.

Someone to give you that needed extra bit of reassurance that you just can’t give yourself, and understanding that when you snarl in reply, violently pushing away the helping hand, it’s not because you hate them; but because you hate yourself for needing someone so badly.

sometimes you need to be weak.
You need to let yourself need someone.
just like that “someone” needs you to be weak for them.

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